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    Tortoise Cruelty on Pintrest

    Should the fridge be on or off when this is happening. Also leopards don't hybernate right?
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    Tortoise Cruelty on Pintrest

    Someone please explain what is happening here. I found this on pinterest while looking for ideas for a tortoise house. THESE ARE LIVE TORTOISES.
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    Sun light bulbs

    My tortoises light bulb went out recently and I was wondering which bulb would work the best for him and his growth. I didn't think the last one was good because it was yellowish and he wasn't growing so well with it so if anyone can recommend me a good sun bulb that would be great.
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    Leopard Tortoise growing???

    what is a mazuri diet
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    Help (What to do if there's a power outage)

    You can also use battery powered things
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    Leopard baby sleeping like dead.

    Is the temp in the 80s
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    Can leopards eat Cilantro?

    I feed my tortoise it often he really likes it
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    My tortoise's stuff (pictures)[emoji217]

    Just some ideas Please tell me if anything is wrong Also the plants are testudo seed mix. I planted them a month ago. The container & tube is to fill up the water bowl when its empty the bark and log are hideouts I made from a dead tree.
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    Tort does not like Cuttle bone

    Thanks will do!
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    Tort does not like Cuttle bone

    My tortoise who is a few months old does not eat Cuttle bone no matter how hard I try. I even put it into smaller pieces. Should I turn it into powder and sprinkle it on his food? Please help.
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    Comment by 'nathanlevi' in media 'Bigfoot the Sulcata'

    Love the video!!!
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    My tort's outdoor enclosure

    I needed out every single horseweed plant in my front yard. (They grow in clumps)
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    My tort's outdoor enclosure

    I looked up how they look and I pulled it out thanks tom
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    My tort's outdoor enclosure

    Is it the one at the top right