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  • So happy to hear the painting helped raise a bit for the forum. What a wonderful place this is for helping each other!
    I plan to post images of some of my friends I took care of in AZ
    jeff kushner
    Good morning Pam,
    Your artwork is on the way to my sweetheart so thank you for donating it! There aren't many online forums that I'd support, but some seem to exceed their a mile!

    Thanks again for seeing the bigger picture!
    Thank you, Jeff, for your kind words.
    When I came across Tortoise Forum, I was happy I had a way to help. I’m glad money was raised and that my desert tortoise finally found his home.
    Yvonne did such a nice job framing it, I’m not sure her costs were even covered…but I’ll look forward to pictures of where it’s hanging. 😄
    Thanks again, Pam B
    Hello, would anyone in this forum know where I could donate a collage painting of a tortoise in the Sonoran Desert?
    Thank you for any help you can give me.
    I’d like to post the picture here, but can’t figure out how to do it.
    Hello, I have just moved to SLC and brought some art with me. I am a collage artist and used to care for tortoises and iguanas in Tucson.
    I made the tortoise art in the picture—it’s an 11 x 14 paper collage on a canvas board. He’s been in a box for quite a while now and I’d like to donate him to someone who would give him a good home out of the box.
    Anybody out there who would like this paper painting?
    Thank you
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