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    This deadly heat 🔥

    Fun times running about spaz outs Then goes downstairs
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    Double Stock Tank Build! Pic Heavy!

    My RES was able to clime out with the water level that high. I use a 75 gal long stock tank, had to attach plastic sides! Just heads up on those damn RES.
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    This deadly heat 🔥

    My dogs are “home dogs” we live on an acre. It was 115 here yesterday and the 1 day of the week my sister and I both work so had to leave the dogs out for 5 hours. Set their pool out under the patio and gave them multiple ice waters then proceeded to check them on the cameras. My 2 old dogs were...
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    Koopa’s summer home….

    All of the large rocks in there she dug up and tossed out of the hole.
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    Koopa’s summer home….
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    Koopa’s summer home….

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    Koopa’s summer home….

    So I put this wood box house on Koopa’s lawn in 2019 for shade and hoping for a little humidity in there since it’s on grass. She avoided it for the first year of course. Then started venturing in but never really stayed. From 2019 to the end of 2020 she had a stock tank, with the end cut off...
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    Comment by 'queen koopa' in media 'Lucy’s new bedroom'

    Do a search in Forums for posts by Tom key words Night Box. You will need to get some power to lucy’s box.
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    Comment by 'queen koopa' in media 'Yummy'

    The goal for feeding is to provide variety, so good job!!! Tortoise, like other kept animals, start to figure out that they are always offered foods and will start to just pick out the stuff they want. There’s terms for it in mammals: spoiled or barn sour! Haha my Tortoise will leave things she...
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    tortoise going camping

    I would live in a world of stress if I had a tortoise that flipped over often!!! Jeez!! And would not enjoy that trip thinking the tort could be on its back !! My sister and I have many animals together, so when I leave (like maybe 3 weekends a year!) they are in good hands. Maybe you could have...
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    Quail. A hardy species? I think so.

    It’s a Citronella. It does well in the desert and so far nothing eats it insects or animal. I could use more ant control!!
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    Quail. A hardy species? I think so.

    Noticed a quail run out of a very large pot in my garden. And found this Found a nest maybe 2 weeks ago in our haystack, they did not make it because they were damaged by hay bale moving... damn it. Curious to see where the mom takes the...
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    I cant tell if my new buddy is CB or WC

    Are there less Russian tort breeders in the US? Seems I read a lot of Russians come from pet stores.
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    Erythritol sweetner kills fire ants

    What’s a generous amount? I’ve haven’t had any success with DE...
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    Why do so many folks make enclosures so barren???

    These are great. After reading yours and Toms posts about the Rose of Sharon and Lavatera I got some rose mallow seeds. I germinated a few indoors last year but they were not strong and died when I put them outside - fail. Then I made a cinder block garden bed inside koopas enclosure for shade...