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  • Hay I know this is a long shot but I thought I would just ask I have been looking for a male Columbian redfoot for a while now I was wondering if you had an extra male that you would be willing to part with doesn’t have to be an adult although I was hoping for one over 7 inches if you do have one you are willing to part with please contact me via pm or email [email protected]
    Hello, I'm putting together a non-profit educational program on box turtles at UNCG and would like to obtain permission to use the photos you posted on Aug 26, 2010. If possible, could you contact me via email at [email protected]. Thank you.
    Hi, I just got a red foot yesterday from a local pet shop. He actually still had a yolk sack last week.
    This is my first tortoise, the guy at the pet shop told me just to put paper towels on the bottom of a glass cage for right now and not have a water dish in there but to take him out once or twice a week to soak him for 10 minutes. He said not to mist his tank right now. Can you help?
    Hello! I have a Redfoot egg hatching. It was incubated at 85-86 degrees with temps very consistent. With your experience and expertise, what gender would you be leaning towards?
    Redfoot NERD
    Redfoot NERD
    Most likely female .. could go either way of course. Be sure to follow the caresheet and keep the parameters balanced!

    Send me pics Katsy - [email protected]

    Hi I heard you have an amazing red foot enclosure and I need tips for mine I'm making. Can I see some pictures of yours ? Thank you :)
    In need some help. I have a " cherry head" is about 9 inches long its male but it doesnt have the elbow spurs, can anyone tell me why?? Please.
    Hi, first time red footed owner just a few months old do you have any advice or help for someone new to this ? I ask cause I was told your very experienced, hope you don't mind
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