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  • Hey, Rahul here
    you have posted some really good stuff about them.
    I have two Indian star with me.
    need some help - they are not eating anything for the past 4 days. is it normal? I am feeding them dhaniya, bhindi and kheera.
    I am providing them with 2 hours of sunlight daily.
    I am from Jaipur, can you suggest me a vet or can I or you visit for the same?
    my e-mail id is [email protected]
    HI bro. I'm raising 2 stars. I made an indoor tank setup for them. I feel it is not sufficient and planning to make an outdoor enclosure with small plants in coming months. I feel an ENCLOSURE SETUP CHART would make a lot worth as many Indians lack the knowledge of enclosure and don't want to discuss outside fearing of mess.
    Hey buddy, great to see people from india caring for this lovely creatures, can do a guide on creating the perfect enclosure for our beloved star tortoise,
    hey shanu..i have read a lot of ur posts and are extremely helpful. thank u so much for your posts,
    hey.. most of the question on this platform are food related but couldnt find anything related to mating. I have a male star tortoise more than 10 yrs of age, he has been showing his private part more often these days which i guess is maybe a sign of him wanting to mate. For dogs you can go to vets for this but what about torts. Any Idea.? pls reply
    Please help I fond worms in my startortoise pops please help me wat is treatment or its normal
    Sorry Guys,been inactive on the forum, due to exams i might drop by from time to time, but i'll be back after June 2016. Apologies _/\_
    Hey how many times should we feed our stars
    from my personal experience they don't consume all that has been provided at once, they eat it out over a duration, at least my star does that. So i fed 2 times a day in summers, in morning and in late afternoon, i would throw the unconsumed part from the previous meal and replace it with fresh. remember to provide fresh green diet.
    Hi! Would you be able to suggest good tortoise vets in India? The tortoise needs medical attention, and I live in Delhi, but any Vet in India is fine. Thanks!
    officially there are no vets in India.... as keeping the star is banned.... so it is really difficult to find one who has the knowledge and is willing to treat.... just don't go to anyone and bluntly tell them that you own a star... they'll get your star confiscated... so just post in this forum and hopefully the experienced people will be able to help you out
    Hey Shanu.. I need your help bro .
    can you inbox me ?
    if you are in mumbai i could help @Sam314
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