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    Is this that dreaded, vile yellow bump issue?

    Ohhh I was. My big ~18 year old sulcata has never shown his manhood before until a few days ago. I bout had a damn heart attack🤢 makes me wonder if that little ugly thing might be a female and been hiding out in my tort pen for a few days now. 😳
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    Is this that dreaded, vile yellow bump issue?

    Absolutely. And speaking of..I found this ugly thing inside my closed off tortoise pen this morning. Wtf
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    Is this that dreaded, vile yellow bump issue?

    Absolutely, I am extremely cautious. The baytril for Bonnie back in Oct just got her through her RI or whatever else was going on, did not do anything for the bumps. I don't know that she would ever get big enough to go outside anyway, but she is slowly and surely growing so I play everyday by...
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    Is this that dreaded, vile yellow bump issue?

    I am so sorry that you're going through this, but know that you are NOT alone. I got 2 hatchlings in august..Bonnie and Clyde. Both with austwickia. Bonnie has it much worse than Clyde. The bumps came, multiplied, dried, and then slouched off. Clyde then shredded alot of skin and lost a couple...
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    New Enclosure heating setup

    Ditch that red lamp! Its bad for them. I use a che bulb of night and flood bulb for day..both if its too cold since its a small house, probably 100 watt che and maybe 125 incandescent flood bulb. I use with cheap brooder lamps from tractor supply
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    Chirping sound

    I think if its right after soaking its normal. Keep an eye to see if he does it other times
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    Cant find if this is safe or not anywhere!! Help?

    Anyone know if this is safe for torts? I have looked it up by all the names
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    Safe and edible plants for my tortoises

    Tortoisetable site or app
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    Little concerned...

    Also. Get rid of the sand. They will inevitably ingest some of it, and it can cause issues with their digestive systens
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    Yellow dot on baby sulcata

    Looks like it could be. Keep at eye for others to pop up. You can put betadine on a couple times a day for 2 helped mine to dry up. That won't help internally if thats what it is, but its something
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    Yellow dot on baby sulcata

    Can u send a couple closer pics of the bump?
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    Yellow scab on sulcata hatchling

    Can you take a few closeups of the bumps from a couple different angles?