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    Russian tortoise poop

    Hi George, my Russian tortoise used to Poop once in every 2 or 3days since I got him. Vet said he was completely fine, but I was worried, so they suggested me giving him more fiber in diet, so now I give him Hay in everyday meal and since then he’s been regular. Vet told me what they eat will...
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    Urates With blood drops

    Hi Everyone, thank you for posting the helpful information. Had a vet visit and in the x-ray we found a big stone, he’s currently on antibiotics. Vet took a blood sample to perform additional tests. In a month vet is gonna suggest me wether to go for a surgery or let him get bigger and the stone...
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    Is this normal?

    It’s looks like a female tortoise. Sorry, don’t know anything about the red stuff.
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    Urates With blood drops

    Hi, I have a 6 months old Russian Tortoise. All the temperatures and humidity is maintained well. Vet visit was done 2months ago and vet confirmed he’s completely healthy and the enclosure is well maintained. Recently a month ago he fell on his back while climbing a log and he almost made...
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    Tortstork Review

    I have a 4 months old Russian Tortoise, I got it from Tortstork when he was around 3 months. The little guy is active, so curious, loves to explore and eats everyday. I went for a vet check after 1 month I had him and the vet said he’s completely healthy.
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    Sunken in eyes

    Thank you so much for responding and posting picture of your little one. I am relived. :) So for enclosure, I have a tortoise table, Temperatures ranging from 92-95F at Basking spot to 75F at the other end of the enclosure. The Basking spot humidity is around like 40-44% and the rest of the...
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    Sunken in eyes

    Hi Guys, I new to this forum, and I just got a new Russian tortoise hatchling. He/she is 3 months old. By looking at his eyes I feel like they’re little sunken. Can you please help me understand what to do. His eyes were like that since I got him, so can you please tell me are they really sunken...