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    Good Question. ( rabies)

    Can a Wild Tortoise catch or carry Rabies... Has anyone ever heard of a Rabid Tortoise? . If She & Raccoons and other animals can carry it and transmitted what about turtles and tortoises???
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    Is this a good feeder fish for my turtle

    Lmmfao... I would say not [emoji23][emoji217][emoji217][emoji217]
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    Is this big enough for my red eared slider?

    Nice [emoji217][emoji41]
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    Is this big enough for my red eared slider?

    @Mizcreant what kinda Filter do you have for yours... It looks great.. Great minds think
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    Is this big enough for my red eared slider?

    Big Sexy"s 55g tank, Fluval 110 filter, Fluval E200 Heater, Odyssea EX350 Power Head, Air pump & Bubble Wall, Turtle Topper & small LED light, LED lighted Hood...
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    Whadda ya think?

    Mis Yvonne how's da little water one doin... Hows her Abscess...
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    Whadda ya think?

    That's great. I would love to see that can you please post a Video about it... It's always good to know a good safe way to do it if need be.. Thank you
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    Whadda ya think?

    Awww She's Gorgeous... Welcome Back to Water World.. Ear Abscess???? Do you have to Lance it or can it be treated with Turtle Fix & Tea Tree oil and good old carrot soaks...
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    Best aquarium heaters?

    I does anyone have any experience with this brand???? It looks Good & safe. Found it on eBay.
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    Is this Shell Rot????

    Can you get a better picture... Can't tell..
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    Tank or Tub

    What make's a Better habitat & enclosure a stock tank or tote or tub.. Pros & Cons
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    Hatchling with URI???

    Awww.. Hope da little dude gets well
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    Happy Halloween......
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    Emotional Support Animal

    Lol. .. No I just wanted to see if I could get my Red-Eared Slider Big Sexy as my Emotional Support Animal.... He's about 5" wide & 7 long.. I don't know how old he is we got him as an adoption from Petco or PetSmart what are the other.. But he's a big part of our family
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    Emotional Support Animal

    Well I just got my RES Tom ( AKA Big Sexy ) As my Emotional Support Animal... I suffer from Depression & Anxiety... It was Ez for my Doctor to give me documentation on the clinic stationary and the clinic official stamp... So yes pop some Xanax & drink a big mug of chamomile tea and Chill... Lok