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    Can i put my tortoises indoors just for few hours a day?

    Tortoises are most active during the day, This is when they get all their tortoise business done. They need a suitable enclosure to function in, not a little box with hay or dirt. Many people have unsuitable weather for their tortoises. Usually its due to frozen water (snow) everywhere outside...
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    humidity and bathing

    If they aren't soaked frequently as babies, some tortoises take time to get used to it as adults. I've had Russians that acted like they were dropped into acid when I gently placed them in a tub with one inch of warm water. They reacted so crazy that I triple checked the water temp and had a...
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    Getting Concerned

    Does the tortoise have a basking lamp? How about a UV tube? Lots of hiding areas and plants for security? Can we see a picture of the enclosure?
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    Lighting a TALL Enclosure.

    Yes. Like the kind you hang coffee cups from. Like this: I usually use the vinyl coated ones.
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    tortoise going camping

    What was the point of asking? Everyone except Maggie has told you its a bad idea and you should leave him home, but you are going to do it any way.
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    Enclosure Help South Florida.... Will Hire

    Its not safe for tortoises to be loose on the floor in an area where humans are coming and going. It can't be made safe, and one day your torotise will pay the price if you continue to to it. Everyone thinks its safe, and they tell us all about how closely they supervise, and then one day it...
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    What is the best material for Redfoot tortoise enclosure?

    Its the exact same material used to make PVC pipes for drinking water. Its just "expanded" with minuscule air bubbles and made into 1/2 inch thick flat sheets. I've been raising hundreds of hatchlings in it for about 5 years now. It is non-toxic, inert and totally impervious to water. You can...
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    Killer Tortoise

    None of mine ever did that sort of thing, but I have heard first hand accounts from two different sulcata owners that watched them hunt, catch, kill and eat gophers. I've also seen footage of a Galapagos tortoise in the wild standing tall and still at the water's edge and waiting for little...
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    I believe my 1yo Hermann just ate a cat hairball

    In the wild it is normal for tortoises to eat feces from mammals and other animals. It makes up a fairly large percentage of the diet for some species at least some of the time. I don't think a bite of cat hairball will hurt your tortoise. A vet would likely do more harm than good. Watch the...
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    My deepest condolences to Jerry Fife

    I've been to Jerry's place and going from old memory and the video, it appears they must have cut the lock on one of the vehicle access gates with bolt cutters. I like to see those same bolt cutters used on their fingers. One at a time.
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    Lighting a TALL Enclosure.

    Looking forward to the pics and updates. It sounds wonderful. If you are happy with the enclosure please feel free to share the source. More people need this size enclosure and I wish it was the norm.
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    My deepest condolences to Jerry Fife

    You and I see this the same Barb. I have no sympathy and not one gram of mercy for those monsters. They don't deserve the oxygen they are breathing. I have a terrific new mentor that recently showed me how to move them with a heavy duty tipple Rubbermade cart. It works for up to about 250...
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    Lighting a TALL Enclosure.

    With 12 inches of substrate that is damp on bottom, you won't need to mist at all. Humidity will stay 80+ with no effort in a large closed chamber like that. And this is great because RFs are prone to shell rot when kept on wet substrate. Many people keep the substrate too wet in a futile...
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    Lighting a TALL Enclosure.

    48 inches is unnecessarily tall. You will need to hang the fixtures form the ceiling about halfway down into the enclosure. You can mount the ambient lighting on the ceiling, and that will be great for a RF. If you hang a couple of ceramic based Home Depot fixtures down a foot or so from the...
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    Is this Pyrimading bad?

    Except in rare cases, the heat lamp should not be on a thermostat. The "sun" shouldn't turn on and off all day. The basking lamp is meant to offer a warmer than ambient area so they can warm up as if basking in the sun. Number two above, is what should be used to maintain ambient temp, not your...