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Dec 13, 2018 at 3:23 PM
Jan 9, 2010
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Southern California
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The Dog Trainer, Male, from Southern California

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Ask me questions in a forum post. Not enough space to answer correctly here. Jul 19, 2018

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    1. Fireside3
      Did you happen to get any hard copies of The Crying Tortoise, and if so, any left?
      1. Tom
        I just have my one copy.
        Dec 2, 2018
    2. darlingtiffy
      Tom, I created a post in the Sulcata section about my VERY sick baby sully. You were so helpful with my last post....Could you take a look and see what you think? I'm very worried and don't know what else to do. Any suggestions or advice are very much appreciated!
    3. astock64
      Tom, I made a post in a forum called Enclosure help would you take a look at it Thx
    4. turtles11756
      Tom , how do i go about purchasing one of your Burmese star hatchlings ? chris in NY
      1. Tom
        Sent you a message.
        Oct 30, 2018
    5. aryddiaz
      Our Sulcata is a female and nine years old. About a month ago she started trying to escape. Yesterday she succeeded but is home safe and sound. She keeps trying to break out in the same direction. My question is how far can she sense a male. If heard 100 yards. Is that accurate? Could it be 500 yards or more?
      Thank you
    6. Shelley H.
    7. Shelley H.
      Shelley H.
      Hi Tom, Do you currently have any sulcata babies or juveniles for sale?
      1. Tom
        I do not. Wrong time of year. They lay in winter and hatch in spring. Try Lance or Austin. Lancecham or AZSulcata
        Oct 18, 2018
    8. JPGx2
      Hi Tom, Do you still have Burmese stars for sale? Thank you-
      1. Tom
        Yes I do. 24 of them. Message me if you are interested.
        Oct 10, 2018
    9. km1913
    10. Tortuga Gill
      Tortuga Gill
      Hi Tom. Sorry to bother you. Im new to the forums but am very interested in the testudo seed mix you mentioned in a post and since its almost winter here in colorado i was curious if growing the mix indoors is feasible? Thanks for your time.
      1. Tom
        I've never tried to grow it inside, but with the right lighting, I bet you can.
        Sep 9, 2018
    11. Travisandjay
      I recently got two 6mo old leopard tortoises. I have their cage set up and heat is maintained to 78 on the cool nesting side to 90 degrees on the hot side. The problem is keeping the humidity up on the hot side. The humidity is at 78% on the cooler side and both sides have a log that I have wet moss with, but the humidity under the ceramic heat lamps is usually around 50-55%. Is that ok?
      1. Tom
        Too low. Closed chamber is the solution. Look up Animal Plastics either here on the forum or on the web.
        Sep 7, 2018
      2. Travisandjay
        Thank you, ordered one and appreciate the advice.
        Sep 7, 2018
    12. Peggy Sue
      Peggy Sue
      Tom, do you still have Sulcata babies for sale?
    13. NewTortEnthusiast
      Have a wonderful day!
    14. Tom
      Ask me questions in a forum post. Not enough space to answer correctly here.
      1. tyree213 likes this.
    15. Tom
      In my larger 4x8' enclosures in my cold garage, I use two 100 watt CHEs to spread the heat out. I just get timers from the hardware store.
    16. Tom
      In most cases a 100 watt will do it, but since it is thermostat controlled 150 watts isn't a bad idea in case of an unusually cold winter ni
    17. tyree213
      In your article you mentioned a 65 watt incandescent flood bulb and Cermaic Heating which wattage?, I was wondering for what size enclosure this was for? And can you recommend a timer? Thx!
    18. Dianne iin South Florida
      Dianne iin South Florida
      Yeah, your right :) I guess I am excited about my tracking from birth, the growth rate I meant.
    19. Dianne iin South Florida
      Dianne iin South Florida
      Do you think it would be of interest to set up a place for people with babies can track the growth or health issues each month. This would give us all a lot of information. Not to mention fun!!
      1. Tom
        There are many individual threads where people do this. Because growth rates vary so much and for so many different reasons, I'm not sure what value it would have. Most people don't find someone who starts there babies as well as Austin. You hit the jackpot there.
        Jun 15, 2018
    20. kayjrod10
      Hello! Curious if you have some Burmese hatchlings for sale still? Thanks for your response :)
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    Southern California
    Animal Trainer
    I got my first box turtle in 1979. I started caring for Chelonians and other animals as a paid profession in 1986, and I'm still doing it. I've been keeping sulcatas and leopards since the early 90's. I've been using humidity and hydration to grow smooth tortoises since 2008, after many years of trying and failing using other methods and advice for two decades.
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    AKA: "Captain Knowledge"