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    No longer eating!

    None of the RES I ever owned ate greens. They would spit them out. I wouldn't worry to much the pellet diet is pretty varied. Lots of people come into my store buying large amounts of feeder gold fish because that's all their turtles will eat but it's not healthy. Goldfish are fatty. I always...
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    My new boxie enclosure

    Wow! So beautiful!
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    Teddy and Bobbie

    Wow her shell is so smooth. She's beautiful.
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    That time of year...

    Well I just got home from job #1 a bit ago. Go in the reptile room to dig her up and she's sitting on her little basking platform. I guess she faked me out. Lol I made her food and put her in the bowl and the log over top but she came out the other side, so I moved her to her lil pool and she...
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    That time of year...

    Because she is a hatchling I really didn't wanna chance it. Hopefully I can get her eating again. She was a very enthusiastic eater before all this.
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    That time of year...

    Thanks. I usually soak her outside of the tank, although she does have a saucer of water. I didn't want her to hibernate but wasn't sure if I could stop it once it started.
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    Can't stop me!

    So tempting!!!
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    Suggests please on my habitat?

    Cool. Everything looks great!
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    That time of year...

    Despite my efforts my EBT hatchling has buried herself and not surfaced for a few days. Her tank is warm, it ranges from 70-80F depending on the time of day. I do not use a heat lamp on her tank, just a UVB strip for 4 hours a day. The room she is kept in gets very warm when we turn the heat on...
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    Suggests please on my habitat?

    Wow great snag! What exactly is it used for (well before you made it a hide)? Is it just a plastic plant pot?
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    Long nails and very tired

    The first ones eyes don't look good to me. Any chance he was under a coil shaped bulb?
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    Purple face

    It's the first time I've given it to them. My russian went absolutely insane over it. Not one bit was left behind! I have a small pumpkin/gourd, which I heard is also a fave, so I'm going to offer this week. It's so nice when you find something they really enjoy, especially with my babies, makes...
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    STUNTED SULCATAS(craigslist)

    This poor russian looks so sad. His eyes just don't look healthy. It's a shame there's not better information out there.
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    Can't stop me!

    Oh my gosh!!!! You are very talented! It's nicer than my house! I wouldn't mind sleeping there! I'm so impressed!