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    Looking to purchase an adult Sri Lankan Star Female.

    Hey guys I’m looking to purchase an adult Sri Lankana Star female. I do have a couple healthy sub-adult males that I would be willing to trade if that interests anyone.
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    ISO Adult female Sri Lankan Star

    Hey peeps just looking to pick up a breeding size female Sri Lankan Star. PM me if you have any for sale or suggestions who might have one for sale. Thank you.
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    Fun Homecoming!!

    Hey thank man! You too!!
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    Fun Homecoming!!

    So I just came home from an 11month deployment to the Middle East. I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried about my female RTs being skittish around me. So I stepped into the females' outdoor enclosure and said, "Where's my girls!" I immediately saw three little heads pop out of burrows...
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    Sioux's and Nawmi's thread/updates!

    My girls getting spoiled this morning.
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    Pretend Chat 2.14

    They are from a gentleman in Florida.
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    Pretend Chat 2.14

    This will make four stars. But I've been breeding RTs for a few years now. Here's my new boyz!!
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    Could she be egg bound?? I've never seen any of my RTs fill a practice hole either. Weird
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    Pretend Chat 2.14

    Oops! Wrong chat room.
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    Pretend Chat 2.14

    It's official I'm purchasing some new male Sri Lankan Star breeders to be delivered in about two weeks. Very excited!!!!
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    ISO Male Sri Lankan Star

    I'd be willing to pay $700-$900. And possible more for a nice high yellow. I will work with people on price.
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    ISO Male Sri Lankan Star

    Hey guys I'm looking to purchase another male Sri Lankan Star of breeding age or close to breeding age. Please PM me if you have any available to discuss price and shipping.
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    Russian Yearlings and 2015 Hatchlings FOR SALE!!

    Russian Tortoise- I have 2 beautiful yearlings and 4 2015 hatchlings ready for great homes. I hatched all these myself. They are healthy, active, and very social. Cost is $100+shipping. I will provide pictures, exact hatch dates, and post sale help/advice for all purchases. Please PM me if...
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    Looking for Russian Hatchling

    I have yearlings and six hatchlings that a ready now. You can PM me if your interested and for price.
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    Wanted High Yellow Sir Lankan Star

    Hey guys and gals! Been deployed to the Middle East for the past nine months so I haven't been active for some time. I'm adding to my star breeding project and I'll be in the market for a few high yellow juvenile Sri Lankan Star female this spring and I'm trying to track down some breeders that...