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Sep 6, 2011
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Chicago, Illinois, USA

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The fine stuff. It's almost the same consistency as the coconut coir or sawdust. Jul 9, 2017

    1. FredrickTheGreek
      Hi my greek tortoise who is almost a year old (will be one year old in December) has not been pooping lately. He continues to eat regularly and bathe regularly (30 minutes every other day in luke warm water) he tries very hard to get his stool out but always fails. He used to be very active and such but lately he has almost seemed weak. Should I take him to the vet? Please help. I'm very concerned for him. Thank you!
    2. Emily buckley
      Emily buckley
      Hiya im new to this forum and will be purchasing a cherryhead tort on friday, im just checking that violas will be okay as a plant for its tortoise table?
    3. babyappleboo
      I'm looking to find a new good home for my pet Russian Tortoise. I want to make sure he goes somewhere where he will be very happy and well kept. I cannot afford to care for him and will be having to move into an apartment soon. I live in Milwaukee and was hoping maybe you know any people who would be interested in him. Thanks
    4. wellington
      Look at it as the shadow is partly me
    5. Team Gomberg
      Team Gomberg
      ...but now it will take some time to get used to seeing that photo as "you"...for a little while I'm sure i'll still be looking for the hand..lol
    6. Team Gomberg
      Team Gomberg
      awesome!! :D
    7. Team Gomberg
      Team Gomberg
      Barb, is that Tatum in your profile avatar?? He's tiny! Time for an updated photo ;)
      1. wellington
        Haha, yes, I guess I should try to figure out the picture stuff on the updated site and post a current pic of my handsome lover boy Lol
        May 31, 2014
      2. wellington
        You ask, you shall receive. That was just too easy.
        May 31, 2014
    8. african cake queen
      african cake queen
      hi wellington, you have the capt. right? ihave the ihop. been awhile.
      1. wellington
        No, sorry not me with the capt.
        Apr 29, 2014
    9. pranabesh roy
      pranabesh roy
      can u advice for turtleh a shell with a hole is dangerous or not?
      Fantastic overall member and asset to TFO!
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