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    How do I know how old my cherry headed red foot is

    You say "the breeder told you about 4 years". Are you sure that person actually bred the tortoise or not? If the person from whom you got the tortoise did breed it himself, he should know when it hatched, at the very least least the correct year. If he/she DID breed the tortoise, then I am...
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    How do I know how old my cherry headed red foot is

    The only way to know the true age of your tortoise is to know its hatch date. If you do not have that information from the actual breeder of the animal, anything else you may be told is just a guesstimate, which, in my experience, are almost always understated by sellers (either accidentally or...
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    Help! Bleeding from carapace

    This is probably a good measure, but may or may not cure the problem. I would recommend changing the pad and applying new ointment daily or every other day at a minimum. @maggie3fan Do you know of any experienced/good reptile vets near this person's location (Cornelius, OR)?
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    Help! Bleeding from carapace

    It appears that there is some kind of infection going on beneath the scutes which is causing a lot of inflammation, hence the bleeding. The tortoise probably needs injectable antibiotics to treat this problem. If you have a good reptile vet near you, I would recommend having him/her evaluate...
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    Gecko in CT needs a new home

    Hello Again, Jamie. Do you know what kind of gecko this is? My 18 year old grandson lives in Canaan, CT (23 miles from Kent). He likes reptiles and may have an interest in it if there are no other takers.
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    Gecko in CT needs a new home

    Another idea for consideration. If the Audubon Center doesn't want the gecko, then the owner could try the Trevor Zoo at the Millbrook School in Amenia, NY. It is a fully accredited AZA institution with a nice collection of animals. The Millbrook School is only 17 miles from Kent, CT. The phone...
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    Gecko in CT needs a new home

    The Sharon Audubon Center might take it. Sharon is the town just north of Kent. The Sharon Audubon Center is only 13 miles from the center of Kent. The Center has a collection of small animals in their learning building. If they don't want it for the Center, one of their volunteers might want it...
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    I.D. anyone???

    Those appear to be Yellow-bellied Sliders or something in the slider/cooter family. They do not look like the Chicken Turtles I have owned in the past.
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    Tortoise and the dawg

    Just FYI, it takes tortoises roughly 3 to 4 times as long to heal as it does humans. There does seem to be quite a bit of bone exposed from the bites. The ointment may do the trick, but if the tortoise is acting depressed and not eating, I would recommend getting it to a good reptile vet for an...
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    Been seeing this guy around my yard for about a month now, what kind of turtle is he?

    Looks like a female River Cooter. She has quite possibly been searching the area for a good nesting spot in this dry weather we've been having.
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    Nails and Beak

    The beak looks fine. Nails are fairly acceptable, but if you are a real perfectionist, you could take 1 or 2 mm. off each nail with a good nail clipper.
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    Gender help!

    It looks like a male to me. The tail is long and thick plus has a spur at the end which females usually lack.
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    New and Concerned Pancake owner.

    It is definitely abnormal growth. Not sure what the cause might be, though. Does the tortoise get any calcium and vitamin supplements? You will most probably need to list what you are feeding the tortoise as well as the type of lighting you are using to get a helpful response on the TFO and to...
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    Top of tortoises head

    It looks reasonably normal to me from what I can see. The skin looks a bit dry overall, though. Maybe it would benefit from applying some mineral oil to the skin of the neck and the back of the head. The two rear legs also appear to have a very obvious demarcation between the scales which...
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    Mouth open and head bopping after hibernation

    This behavior could be from a respiratory problem, but also it could be that something is stuck in its throat. Has the tortoise been eating at all? How about drinking?