1. incognet

    8*4 enclosure lighting

    We're in the process of buying lights for my new Aldabra enclosure. Arcadia LumenIZE is a good (though expensive) product line; I wish it had been available for my Boxie's stock tank (JUN 2023). Little Aldabra's enclosure will be slightly larger (96" x 48" x 48") and require more lighting...
  2. W

    Nonprofit ISO: Aldabra Tortoise(s)

    Hello! I am writing on behalf of the 501 C 3 nonprofit organization, Saving Wildlife International (SWI). In short, I thought I would take a chance to see if anyone would consider donating their Aldabra or Galapagos Tortoise. SWI can offer an excellent home (with proper diet and large secure...
  3. incognet

    Aldabra enclosures

    Hi everyone. As I mentioned on my introductory thread, a tortoise will join our family soon. This forum has been an incredible resource, especially for theory of closed chamber design. I've made some progress on both my Aldabra enclosures (indoor & outdoor). Indoor: 1) Found a used 'Animal...
  4. incognet

    New to the forum 🐢

    Hi everyone! I'm a longtime tort enthusiast and forum lurker. I presently keep a hybrid box turtle (abandoned pet) who was struck by a car near my house. Her shell was badly cracked, and prognosis was bleak, but she's recovered nicely over past year. She currently resides in a 300-gallon stock...
  5. Everyone meet, Zeus.

    Everyone meet, Zeus.

    Everyone, Zeus. Zeus, everyone. The Aldabra that gets to live it up in Hawaii 😃
  6. Tortoise name Bailey

    Aldabra Fertility

    Hello. I have a 18 year old Aldabra about 160-170# and he has come of age. I have been entertaining purchasing a 17yo female to make the pair. My intention is to have the two breed at some point. My concern is that I remember reading years ago about males being sterile. I also remember...
  7. Smith.Tyler

    New Owner of Baby Aldabra Tortoise

    Hey all, so this past weekend a got a baby Aldabra at Daytona. It is currently 3 1/2 inches and 149 grams. I have been doing as much research as I can, but still am left with some questions. Really looking to take the best care of it as I can so here are some questions I have. First off, diet, I...
  8. P

    Aldabra babies not pooping for 6 days

    6 days ago I got two baby Aldabras from They are 5'' and 6 1/4'' They eating good. I feed them spring mix, collard greens, mustard leaves, yellow squash, zukini, Mazuri Tortoise Diet, turnip greens, kale. I noticed they eating several times during a day, so I refresh their...
  9. Indian Ocean Tortoise


    Dear TF members, We're new(ish) NGO/non-profit operating in the Seychelles and the Western Indian Ocean called the Indian Ocean Tortoise Alliance. Created in 2019, it is only now that we are fully operational (slow but steady) to start our mission to rewild Aldabra giant tortoises on to island...
  10. G

    Looking for Tortoise/ Turtle Wholesale

    Hello Guys I am looking for: Aldabra Sulcata Leopard vietnamese black breasted leaf turtle Big Headed Turtle If someone knows a breeder please tell me. Thank you
  11. marty.ial

    Aldabra Growth

    Hello! I’m new to the forum! I brought home an Aldabra two months ago and I’ve noticed some indentation along its sides-costal scutes. The rest of his growth appears smooth. Has anyone experienced this? Or might know the cause? Thanks. Diet consists of Mazuri tortoise chow and spring mix...
  12. SanctuaryHills

    Reading into the shells. What can we learn from a hatchling's shell condition?

    OK so here are some pics of my Aldabra hatchlings which I've owned for about a month. All three seem to be doing just fine and I have no health concerns to report at the moment. What I'd like to know is what, if anything, we are able to discern by examining the shells of our growing turtoises...
  13. T

    Aldabra with unusually large eyelids?

    These are photos of my three year old aldabra’s eyes. When I gently pet near his eyes, it seems like the size of his nictitating membrane is preventing his eyes from being able to close all the way. I noticed this issue when he was around a year old and have tried giving him terramycin ointment...
  14. C

    do wild-caught aldabras grow slower than the ones bred by a breeder?

    Recently, I have bought an estimatedly one year old aldabra tortoise- it was wild-caught. I was wondering if there were any differences in the growth between a tortoise that was caught from the wild and one that was farm bred. From what I've heard, wild caught ones grow slower, though i'm not...
  15. F

    8 month old Aldabra

    So I’m a little concerned my Aldabra isn’t gaining as much weight as he should. I got him about a month ago and then weighed him 2 weeks later and in that time he’s only gained about .5 ounces in those 2 weeks and he’s just shy of 5 inches. Can I wake him in the middle of the night and have him...
  16. Texas Scott

    Life after death - Preserve a shell

    Sadly, my Male Indian Star Tortoise Nostradamus, passed away unexpectedly yesterday. I was pretty upset and dumbfounded but I knew I wanted to preserve his shell. I posted on one of the local facebook groups asking for someone who could do this and was luckily enough to meet a man named Ryan...
  17. Mishami

    Sick Baby Aldabra

    Hi everyone, I’ve been a long time lurker of these forums and have finally decided to make an account. Apologies in advance for the long post, I just want to get as much information out there as I can. I live in the Bay Area California, and have two baby tortoises. A Sulcata little over a...
  18. TortyDxb

    Aldabra squiggly lines on shell- shell rot?

    @ALDABRAMAN @Yvonne G @Tom hope you all are doing well! I need a bit of expert input Re the photos, and I also thought putting these photos up might be helpful for future reference (as they contrast very well I feel). Could you take a look and give your opinion- whenever is convenient of...
  19. Calgalcher

    Another Craigslist Scam

    Beware of the craigslist ad below, I've seen it posted in California, New Jersey and West Virginia. All have been flagged so far. ITS A SCAM! He'll say hes moved and will ship, but wants you to send him a amazon gift card for payment first. "We have a 08 year old ALdabra Tortoise named Rezor...
  20. jas17

    Wanted female Sulcata's and male Aldabra, Manila, Philippines

    Hello to everyone. I've been a tortoise caretaker for the last 12 years. I have 2 male Sulcata's and a female Aldabra. They are all around 15 or so years old and are housed in a large enclosure in our farm in the Philippines, outside Manila. They will be living heirlooms for our children. We...