1. G

    Looking for Tortoise/ Turtle Wholesale

    Hello Guys I am looking for: Aldabra Sulcata Leopard vietnamese black breasted leaf turtle Big Headed Turtle If someone knows a breeder please tell me. Thank you
  2. marty.ial

    Aldabra Growth

    Hello! I’m new to the forum! I brought home an Aldabra two months ago and I’ve noticed some indentation along its sides-costal scutes. The rest of his growth appears smooth. Has anyone experienced this? Or might know the cause? Thanks. Diet consists of Mazuri tortoise chow and spring mix...
  3. SanctuaryHills

    Reading into the shells. What can we learn from a hatchling's shell condition?

    OK so here are some pics of my Aldabra hatchlings which I've owned for about a month. All three seem to be doing just fine and I have no health concerns to report at the moment. What I'd like to know is what, if anything, we are able to discern by examining the shells of our growing turtoises...
  4. T

    Aldabra with unusually large eyelids?

    These are photos of my three year old aldabra’s eyes. When I gently pet near his eyes, it seems like the size of his nictitating membrane is preventing his eyes from being able to close all the way. I noticed this issue when he was around a year old and have tried giving him terramycin ointment...
  5. C

    do wild-caught aldabras grow slower than the ones bred by a breeder?

    Recently, I have bought an estimatedly one year old aldabra tortoise- it was wild-caught. I was wondering if there were any differences in the growth between a tortoise that was caught from the wild and one that was farm bred. From what I've heard, wild caught ones grow slower, though i'm not...
  6. F

    8 month old Aldabra

    So I’m a little concerned my Aldabra isn’t gaining as much weight as he should. I got him about a month ago and then weighed him 2 weeks later and in that time he’s only gained about .5 ounces in those 2 weeks and he’s just shy of 5 inches. Can I wake him in the middle of the night and have him...
  7. Texas Scott

    Life after death - Preserve a shell

    Sadly, my Male Indian Star Tortoise Nostradamus, passed away unexpectedly yesterday. I was pretty upset and dumbfounded but I knew I wanted to preserve his shell. I posted on one of the local facebook groups asking for someone who could do this and was luckily enough to meet a man named Ryan...
  8. BlakeL

    Sick Baby Aldabra

    Hi everyone, I’ve been a long time lurker of these forums and have finally decided to make an account. Apologies in advance for the long post, I just want to get as much information out there as I can. I live in the Bay Area California, and have two baby tortoises. A Sulcata little over a...
  9. TortyDxb

    Aldabra squiggly lines on shell- shell rot?

    @ALDABRAMAN @Yvonne G @Tom hope you all are doing well! I need a bit of expert input Re the photos, and I also thought putting these photos up might be helpful for future reference (as they contrast very well I feel). Could you take a look and give your opinion- whenever is convenient of...
  10. Calgalcher

    Another Craigslist Scam

    Beware of the craigslist ad below, I've seen it posted in California, New Jersey and West Virginia. All have been flagged so far. ITS A SCAM! He'll say hes moved and will ship, but wants you to send him a amazon gift card for payment first. "We have a 08 year old ALdabra Tortoise named Rezor...
  11. jas17

    Wanted female Sulcata's and male Aldabra, Manila, Philippines

    Hello to everyone. I've been a tortoise caretaker for the last 12 years. I have 2 male Sulcata's and a female Aldabra. They are all around 15 or so years old and are housed in a large enclosure in our farm in the Philippines, outside Manila. They will be living heirlooms for our children. We...
  12. jas17

    Looking for soulmates

    Hello to all.. I am from Manila and looking for partner-friends for my tortoises. All three (2 male Sulcata's and 1 female Aldabra) are around 15 yrs or so. I keep them in a farm, in a fairly large enclosure outside the city. Unfortunately, none of them have anyone anyone to eventually breed...
  13. Raul91

    My Aldabra tortoise one year later

    Hello! My tortoise has a year with me. 10/17/2017 - weight 250g 10/17/2018 - weight 950g I have tried to control the humidity and the food so that it grows as smooth as possible. What do you think? I hope the pyramidosis has decreased. Many thanks friends. * I write other post because in the...
  14. Bee62

    Aldabra tortoises breeder ? No ! Aldabra tortoises abusement !

    Hello my tortoise friends. I am interested in buying an Aldabra tortoise. In Germany it is difficult to get one and expensive too. During my search I`ve found this report on Youtube. Unfortunately it is in German, so I`ve tried to summerize for my English speaking forum members some things...
  15. taufanss

    Help my New Aldabra don't poop since arrived 5 days ago.

    Dear brothers and/or sisters in forum, please help my Aldabra, ( @ALDABRAMAN , @Yvonne G , @wellington ) I have followed this forum for a month as silent spectator, My name is Taufan from Semarang, small city in Indonesia, the climate is warm and humid. It seems to me that everybody here very...
  16. TortyDxb

    Aldabra poo stinks & they do not, exactly, smell of roses themselves.

    Is this the same with all tortoises? The smell of their poop is quite memorable and unique.... and I think they have an odour themselves. Diet mostly hibiscus, hydrated well, no fruits or Mazuri- weeds. Still love em, but .....
  17. TortyDxb

    Beauty from within? A pyramiding query

    We know that starting a tortoise's life in an 80%+ humid environment, re @Tom 's findings, virtually guarantees smooth growth. That would be a constant environment where a tortoise remains relatively damp (for want of a better word) on the outside. But what about a tortoise kept in a dry...
  18. TortyDxb

    Don't you think it's weird? We can put a man on the moon, but we can't sex a young Aldabra.

    I mean, there must be some physical signs .... some behavioural, some chemical indicators... I can't believe we haven't got a full light on this, and many other things (like the deep ocean), yet we are out there in space.
  19. TortyDxb

    Should I do anything, tortoise ate a toxic leaf?

    one of the new 4 month olds in our care ate an entire leaf (more than the size of her) of a miniature eggplant plant. Not the fruit. The leaf looks like fig leaves and it didn’t occur to me to check ... She’s basically finished and gone off for a sleep, shall I do anything or just let it...
  20. TortyDxb

    Dubai ( Uae) versus Florida - both good Aldabra climates?

    I'm fussing about with heat lamps at night, a warm/wet night-time enclosure and worrying about humidity- all to stop the dreaded pyramiding.... I will feel like a failure... But another keeper in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) has said that his hatchling Aldabras are fine outside and not to...