1. ernz

    Abnormal growth lines?

    Hello, One of my babies seems to be growing abnormally. This all happened within the last month. She gained 11 grams this month. She lives with one sibling who gained 12 grams this month and does does not have the same problem. She is 4 months old. As far as I know the heat&humidity is correct...
  2. fourtorts

    Why are tortoises so cute?

    Why are tortoises so darn cute? I wish I was exaggerating when I say that I could/do watch them all day. Here are my babies post soak, enjoying a snack ??
  3. K

    Greetings from NY looking for a Baby Herman To Call My Own!

    Hi There, I'm new to the community. I'm an organic Gardner located in Long Island, New York. I'd really love to find a baby Hermann's tortoise to spoil with my fresh greens i am constantly growing. I am under the assumption it maybe too early for hatchlings to be available. I do have 97% of a...
  4. Texas Scott

    Proud new keeper ??

    Today I was fortunate enough to purchase two Radiated babies from Jay Russo.
  5. Crazyturtlelady

    TortStork Review

    I was wanting to add a smaller addition to my tortoise family, and was so happy to have found Randy and TortStork! He was so helpful in selecting the right tortoise for what I was looking for, and has been so kind and knowledgeable throughout the process. I ordered an Eastern Hermann’s...
  6. lmichaels_22

    Baby Greeks For Beginners

    I've never had a tortoise as a pet, but lots of reptiles. I've got some baby Greeks (Testudo graeca nabeulensis) coming this spring, I hope. Over the last six months or so I've done lots of research on Greeks and have planned for my arrivals. However, last month I came across a post that...
  7. W

    Long time listener, First time caller

    Hey there ladies, gents, and non-binaries my name is Cole and I'll try not to offend anyone but I make no promises. I have 2 baby sulcatas Drax hatched in mid - late August 2019 and Baby Yoda hatched mid july - early August 2019. They are about the same size B.Y being bigger by about 1/2inch and...
  8. lexi41269

    Hi! Nervous new tortoise owner!

    Hi, my names Lissi. I'm a first time tortoise owner from Wolverhampton in England. I purchased my tortoise, T-Bone, last week and have joined the forum for some advice! I'm a nervous first reptile owner :) I've spent the last 3 months researching tortoises and settled on a Hermann's. I bought...
  9. Totally_Tortoise

    Baby sulcata tortoise care tips

    Just any useful care tips for baby sulcatas, like soil type and depth, diet, water dish depth and width and just anything useful! I already know baby sulcata care, i just want more advice.
  10. luna17

    Baby food for tortoise?

    Hello everyone I was wondering what other people thought about feeding your small tortoise baby food out of a jar. The ingredients on one of them that I have are just two ingredients carrots and water. What do you think?
  11. KevinGG

    New Endangered Babies (Mauremy M. Mutica)

    Sorry for the click bait title :( Introducing the Yellow Pond Turtle, Mauremys Mutica Mutica. These arrived just this morning from Florida. Interesting to see the difference in color between the two. This species is Endangered in the wild, but not much interest has been paid to them...