baby box turtle

  1. Lyssalou07

    New turtle mom

    Hi guys! A girl at work saved this little guy from her pool a couple of months ago. She brought him and his tank to give away and I fell in love with him and here we are. First of all, I’d like to know what type of turtle he is. I’m assuming an Eastern box, but I’m usually wrong. Next, how...
  2. C

    ISO baby box turtle

    Looking for a baby box turtle. I have relevant set up and ready for a new addition
  3. BoxTurtleWhisperer

    My Baby Box Turtle is friends with worms.

    So I just got a baby 3 toed box turtle a couple weeks ago and at first I setup a realistic enclosure with dirt, hides, leaf litter and all that good stuff but the box turtle completely stopped eating and was just burying himself. So I changed him into a water setup with some sphagnum moss and...
  4. gep0322

    Is it safe for a box turtle to eat a salamander?

    I’m looking for safe food for my baby box turtle. I have a lot of small brown salamander’s around my house. Are they safe for Max to eat?