baby sulcata tortoise

  1. W

    Hi...still a has runny poop? Normal?

    Hi. I attached a photo, but the past few days this is what it has looked like. I don't know if it is normal or not. I clean it with a paint brush then today it was like that again. It isn't crazy looking but I just don't know if it's normal. I thought they had hard poops. I've been feeding...
  2. W

    Baby sulcata tortoise with black under shell

    I have about a six month old sulcata tortoise. I went to check on him today and notice his shell was was black. I am really concerned about him. He is moving, eating, and not showing any symptoms. He is behaving normal for him. I gave him a bath and moved him from his outside enclosure. He has...
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    Was taken a month ago
  4. C

    My life friend Cronan arrives soon, any tips for the first few days

    Below are some pictures of the enclosure I've been setting up for his (Cronan) long awaited arrival. Substrate is about 70/30 topsoil and cypress mulch with the mulch layered on top. Can't wait for his arrival this upcoming week, are there any last minute things I should pick up to make his...
  5. A

    Baby Sulcata Tortoise temperature at night

    I live in San Diego, California and received my baby sulcata tortoise through the mail yesterday. He is about a month old. I have a question. I leave the baby sulcata outside all during the day, enclosure half in the sun and half in the shade. Is it ok when it gets dark and colder I bring him...
  6. akcoff

    How does my baby Sulcata look?

    New owner with 0 experience, but lots of good knowledge thanks to @Tom and @Yvonne G and many others! What I'm asking is opinions from experienced caretakers/breeders on how my baby looks! This was taken the moment I received him. Thanks a bunch!
  7. akcoff

    Baby Sulcata Tortoise eating issues.

    Hello! I'm a new owner to a baby sulcata tortoise. He is about 3 to 4 inches and is a very adventurous lil dude. I recieved him via overnight mail from I have a 40 gallon tub with coconut shaving substrate, a proper hide with sphagnum moss for humidity, a shallow water dish, and...