burmese star tortoise

  1. Rambo at 4 y/o

    Rambo at 4 y/o

    Our Burmese Star tortoise is now a little over 4yrs old (hatch date approx 04/2018) and 7 1/2" in length. He is outside full time and loves South Florida Summer. Afternoon rains and he's under his favorite bamboo plant. We renamed him "Rambo" as it fits his personality. Purchased from @Tom
  2. Pattjunior

    Normal weight gain of a baby Burmese Star tortoise

    Im curious as to what the normal weight gain of a baby Burmese star tortoise should be. I do weigh my tortoise daily, but really look at an average of the weeks weights to see how the baby is progressing. In the last month my 4 month old has gone from 30g to 36g. My 6 month old has gone from...
  3. I

    Enclosure advice/tips for hatchling Burmese Star Tortoise

    Hello there, I was wondering if anyone can offer some advice with my enclosure. I got this 4x2 cause I got a sweet deal for $100 but I'm worried that the height is a little too short. It's 12 inches in height. So I am not sure if I should exchange it with something else. Or just keep it. Some...
  4. B

    Introducing Keanu! ?

    Hi Everyone! Just checked one off of my bucket list! I now have a new buddy for life, a Burmese Star Tortoise and his name is Keanu. This forum has been SOOO helpful for me, so I just wanted to introduce my baby and share a bit of my experience in acquiring him. Mostly about his enclosure and...
  5. Time in the Shade

    Time in the Shade

    Our Burmese Star, Rainbow, just passed 600 grams. Enjoying time in the shade.
  6. IMG_2948.jpg


    Rainbow in his/her outdoor enclosure.
  7. IMG_2946.jpg


    4.25" and 550 grams. Enjoying the new outdoor enclosure.
  8. Xpxgizmo

    New Burmese hatchlings!! Wahoo!

    Hi all, Just got two Burmese star hatchlings that are 1 month old. This forum has helped me so much. Purchased a closed chamber enclosure from my local reptile store and it’s been working really well. Just wanted to say thanks all and let me know if have some tips or advice that’ll improve my...
  9. agnes&theo

    Tortoise biting his own skin

    4-year-old Burmese Star tortoise has been biting his own front legs, not drawing blood, but in a mildly aggressive manner. He's extremely friendly and is not aggressive towards other tortoises in their table. We took him to our vet. X-rays were negative for arthritis and joint problems that...
  10. Christmas Day 2019 and 370 grams

    Christmas Day 2019 and 370 grams

    Christmas Day soak and now at 370 grams. Hatched April 2018
  11. Burmi Steph

    Building New Enclosure!

    Hello all! I have 3 baby Burmese Stars that are currently living happily in an ExoTerra enclosure. They’re growing quickly, so I’m planning on setting up an AP T25 (go big or go home lol) that can house them until they need to be separated. I was wondering - do any of you have any...
  12. adptorts

    Burmese Star Tortoise

    We have one 2 year old CB male Burmese Star tortoise available. He's 6" and 650g, rock solid with a beautifully smooth shell. We are asking $1200 plus shipping. To see pictures please follow this link to our Facebook page...
  13. g4mobile

    Burmese Star Baby - Thriving in a Humid Enclosure

    I purchased a Burmese Star Tortoise from @Tom recently and she/he is really thriving in a humid environment. I am maintaining 88 degree ambient temps with 95 degree basking spot. I have a hide on the cool side of the cage that stays around 80 degrees. Night temps never drop below 80F...
  14. g4mobile

    Tom: AKA: "Captain Knowledge" Review

    I recently purchased a Burmese Star Tortoise from Tom (AKA: Captain Knowledge). He is a very well respected member here at Tortoise Forum. Tom and I were discussing several different species of tortoise before making my decision to go with a Burmese Star. He and I were initially discussing the...
  15. Shaif

    Best Breeder Burmese Star

    Hi Friends, I have been learning about Burmese Stars for over a year now. I think I may be ready to take the leap! Who is the best breeder? Can you guys give me a general price range to expect? I'm hoping to find a very healthy and outgoing hatchling or well started baby who is very...
  16. Ernie Johnson

    New Burm Star owner

    First post here, just arrived two Burm Stars (TSM and TSF) from Chris Leone at Garden State Tortoise - who I highly recommend as a Burm breeder. Looking forward to working with this species since I've spent the last 17 years working with Redfoot's and Russian's (all doing great) after the...