closed chamber enclosure

  1. Smart Tortoise Enclosure 48”x36”x30”

    Smart Tortoise Enclosure 48”x36”x30”

    Smart Tortoise Enclosures 48”x36”x30” with radiant heat panel
  2. Soaking in Smart Tortoise Enclosure

    Soaking in Smart Tortoise Enclosure

    Warm bath inside a closed chamber enclosure
  3. Smart Tortoise Enclosure 48”x36”x30”

    Smart Tortoise Enclosure 48”x36”x30”

    Two Smart Tortoise Enclosures 48”x36”x30”
  4. RichardS

    Smart Tortoise Enclosure, even better than anticipated!

    I ordered two, 4’ x 3’ Smart Tortoise Enclosures from @Markw84 and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. Photos don’t do these justice. Highly recommended! My order varied slight from the standard with upgraded radiant heat panels and humidity control. Humidity is holding perfectly...
  5. PiL71

    Square footage / new enclosure idea

    Hi there - as with nearly all my question on this forum, this is that of a chamber enclosure, but a radically different one. I’ve already ran Herb (4 yr Russian) through a double decker chamber enclosure for about a year (April 2020- a few days ago), so the question of whether or not he’ll climb...
  6. IMG_1985.JPG


    4 x 2' closed chamber for greek hatchling
  7. B

    Introducing Keanu! ?

    Hi Everyone! Just checked one off of my bucket list! I now have a new buddy for life, a Burmese Star Tortoise and his name is Keanu. This forum has been SOOO helpful for me, so I just wanted to introduce my baby and share a bit of my experience in acquiring him. Mostly about his enclosure and...
  8. Agathaade

    Help me close my open-top enclosure?

    Hi all, I’ve been avidly browsing this forum for a few weeks, this is my first post. I am getting an eight week old baby Greek Ibera in August from Chris Leone at gardenstate tortoises. It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to care for a tortoise so I am preparing everything for it to live well...
  9. B

    Closed Chamber Enclosure for Hermann's Tortoise

    Hello, I'm researching/preparing to get my first Hermann's Tortoise. I'm looking for advice on an indoor enclosure. After doing much research, I'd like to go with the closed chamber/high humidity at least for the first year or so. I really want something that is aesthetically pleasing, as it...
  10. Derekphan97

    Saving place tortoise enclosure

    Hello guys, i m about to get a hatchling hermann tortoise and i have an idea to build an enclosure on budget and saving place since i live in a small apartment. The dimension of the enclosure is 2 by 4 f. The build consist of 3 areas, basking place, grazing place, and sleeping place. Each place...
  11. Autiwara

    New closed chamber enclosure! Help with fluroescent uvb light

    My mom asked a good friend of hers if he could help us build the enclosure I drew for my red foot tortoise and he worked on it with a friend of his on their spare time and they REALLY pulled through!! Originally my sister and I would build it... imagine how that would turn out with no experience...
  12. Xpxgizmo

    New Burmese hatchlings!! Wahoo!

    Hi all, Just got two Burmese star hatchlings that are 1 month old. This forum has helped me so much. Purchased a closed chamber enclosure from my local reptile store and it’s been working really well. Just wanted to say thanks all and let me know if have some tips or advice that’ll improve my...
  13. jsharpminer

    Two Story Indoor Enclosure

    Hello, I am new to this forum but I had a question I was hoping to get some advice on. I have seen a lot of indoor hatchling/juvenile tortoise enclosures with a ramp leading to a second level. I have a 1 year old leopard tortoise, and her indoor enclosure is a 40 gallon glass tank that I...
  14. tinytortoise

    Purging gnats, saving the residential Amber Snail, ordering Seed Mix, and planning for Roly Polys...

    Here's a little splurge of an update; posting here as to be open to insights, criticisms, etc. Okay where to begin, Since day 1 my substrate has had some gnats, I'd kept calm as they're just gnats - but this weekend I decided IPM has to be addressed as I've approached my closed chamber with a...