cuttlefish bone

  1. marbalboy

    Enriched cuttlefish…?

    I bought this cheap cuddle fish for birds off Amazon but now I’m questioning whether I should give this to my tortoise because it appears to be enriched with omega-3 vitamin B one. Should I return this for something more….. fully aquatic? For hatchling Mojave desert tortoise (oh my gosh I just...
  2. BulbasaurTheSulcata

    First time sulcata tortoise owner.

    Hello TFO my name is Horia and I live in Portugal. I recently found a baby sulcata in a reptile shop and I took him/her home. I have been stalking this forum without posting for years now and i am positive it's the most accurate info to date. My sulcata named Bulbasaur was not in the best...
  3. mools

    buying cuttlefish bone from chinese medicine stores

    For the past week, I was browsing places to purchase cuttlefish bone and I wanted to share what I found. I felt that the amount for the price I would be getting at a pet store, a Walmart, eBay, or etsy was not worth it so I did a little digging and I found this 16 oz bag of cuttlefish bone from...
  4. Ngoc Le

    Baby leo tort eats cuttlefish bone for the first time!

    Guys, I spotted Shelly Dome eat his cuttlefish bone for the first time today! He was working on it for a quite awhile before he starts eating his greens. I'm so happy to see him munch on it today after so many months of offering it to him with no success. :) Enjoy the speed up clip I filmed! PS...