cypress mulch

  1. TurtleLadyKatie

    Cypress Mulch “Mix” From Lowe’s

    Hi! I’m wanting to get my mulch from Lowes this time around to save money like I’ve seen recommended on here a few times, but what I’m seeing come up is just a 60% cypress “mix”. I’ve seen some people still using the same one but was wondering if that sounds safe? I added a pic of the one I’m...
  2. G

    New enclosure and burrowed

    Hi all! I'm new here but decided to make an account because I'm worried about my Russian tort, Arnie. I built him a new outdoor enclosure (8 ft long, 3.5 ft wide, 3 ft high) with a lid on top. I introduced Arnie to it (with supervision) for a short periods for a few days because he's never had...
  3. Redstrike

    Dust issues with Mulch and Coco Coir

    Hi all, I've kept redfoots (4) in the northeastern US for about 9 years. I see a lot of recommendations for cypress and hardwood mulch and coconut coir for our tortoises. I've used both and I have to say I'm concerned with the level of dust present in each. Occasionally I turn-over my mulch...
  4. CliffordtheredfootTORT

    redfoot hatchling substrate?

    Ok so I found this stuff at menards it looks exactly like coconut coir to me. My plan was to put about 4 inches of this down and then cypress multch on top for a dry layer has anyone else used this stuff before does it work is it safe? Or am I better off just buy eco earth or something like that...
  5. For-Mr.Spock

    Hello from Mr. Spock and his human in PA

    Hello, everyone! This site has been such a help to me that I thought I might as well become a member. I adopted Mr. Spock, a russian tortoise, from Petsmart over a week ago. For starters, Petsmart should not sell tortoises. I am trying to get him him tip top shape because his shell is not smooth...
  6. Goldy_slg

    Springtails (Snow Fleas) in Cypress Mulch?

    My Russian tort Hank is in cypress mulch. I spot clean her enclosure (a wooden Zoo Med Tortoise House) daily after work. I will occasionally see very small whiteish almost light beige colored little bugs on remaining lettuce scraps or poop. I don’t see them in large quantities, usually a few...