eastern box turtle

  1. J

    Brumation with wild caught.

    I recently got a sick box turtle off the side of the road. I had planned on getting him better and putting him back where he came from once he was all good. I looked into rescues, exotic vets, conservation programs in my area, and wild life centers that might be willing to take him once he's...
  2. B

    Eastern box turtle

    Hello! I am looking for eastern box turtle, I am a hobbyist. Let me know if you are selling thanks
  3. H

    Turtle Scute Cracked!!

    Hi! I’m posting this for a friend who has some turtles! They’re 10 months old! One is 66 grams and the other is 54 grams! Their shells are cracking a bit. I hope you can see in the picture that the top scutes have gaps instead of it all being smooth. Is this normal? I’ve tried to look at other...
  4. M

    Intro and help needed with hatchling eastern box turtle

    My neighbor found this little guy after she accidentally ran him over with the lawn mower! Thankfully he was not injured, but we would like to take care of him. We have a large outdoor enclosure and have cared for adult box turtles in the past, but we are not sure how to care for a hatchling...
  5. amberlypage

    New EBT Owner looking for advice!!

    Hi all! I adopted a male EBT about three months ago. He is estimated to be about 40-50 years old. He’s doing alright, but i can tell he’s very shy. He always retreats when I clean his water or even put food in his enclosure. He never goes for his food right away and sometimes won’t even eat...
  6. Baby Just Arrived

    Baby Just Arrived

    Eastern Box Turtle hatchling within minutes of arrival.
  7. Smoky

    Smoky growth update

    This the update of Smoky..She is a lot bigger now compare to 3 years ago..and after the first post of her, it's been almost 2 years.
  8. Enjoying a snack

    Enjoying a snack

    Koopa, Eastern Box Turtle, is enjoying a snack of mealworms
  9. amberlypage

    EBT Enclosure Connecting Plastic Tubs

    Hi everyone! I just adopted my first eastern box, and I want to build him a larger indoor enclosure. I was thinking of connecting two 36" long x 17" wide x 14" deep plastic containers longways (so it would be about 70" long total). I have been people connect them with a tunnel or by...
  10. L

    CB Box turtle wanted

    Looking for a yearling /juvenile captive bred box turtle, eastern or three toed please!
  11. D

    Maybe Dehydrated Eastern Box

    I’ve recently been given an about 2 year old Eastern Box Turtle. I’m currently building her a tortoise table (before me she was kept in a tank) and I’m curious what to do because she seems dehydrated. I used to have a Hermann tortoise (rescue) and when I got him I took him to a vet and he said...
  12. RachelT

    Help me ID this Box turtle

    Help me ID this box turtle... thanks!
  13. M

    Box Turtles Wanted

    I have owned, bred, rescued, rehabilitated, and rehomed North American Box Turtles for over 9 years. I am currently looking for any adoptions, surrenders, or rescues available. Please contact me with any questions or leads at my email: [email protected]
  14. BentoNeko

    My Eastern Box turtles front legs seem to be rubbed raw?

    Hi everyone! So my box turtle is about a year and a half old, when i picked her up the other day, I noticed her legs were considerably paler on the parts that she uses to wipe her face if she gets food in her face. It seems as though shes rubbed that part of her legs raw... any ideas on whats...
  15. B

    Looking to adopt a box turtle

    Have been advised to not take one from wild and am looking to adopt one box turtle in St. Louis, MO. Eastern, Ornate or three-toed box turtles are fine as they can be kept outdoor here based on my research.. I've built a pen in the back of my house...
  16. Cyphinitar

    HELP!!! EBT Overall Care

    Hi! In late March, an elderly man fell off the sidewalk while hanging up signs. I was driving down the street back to our house. When I helped him up and made sure everything was alright,(he was unharmed, just shocked.) he told me he found a weird looking turtle in his front yard that morning...
  17. BentoNeko

    Here's my Eastern Boxie Enclosure! How can I improve?

    Hello everyone! Here is a picture of my one year old Eastern box turtles enclosure! I'm wanting to give it a makeover and make it better for her! I was hoping you guys would comment and tell me how i can improve! Her substrate is a mixture of top soil and sand, but I was thinking of adding...
  18. ahaslem94

    Calcium with D3 for Eastern Box turtle

    Hello, I have a 25 year old rescue box turtle with signs of metabolic bone disease and stunted growth due to poor husbandry and lack of nutrition. She has both a UVA and UVB light in her indoor enclosure and I give her a serving of Critical Care nutrition powder every day or every other day...
  19. K

    Box Turtle with Bloody Face

    Hi All, We've had our eastern box for a few years now, took her in from a friend where she was the sole turtle, but their new puppy kept harassing her. We noticed last year the occasional bit of blood on her face, thought it was from dry skin or opening wide when feeding. This year it's much...
  20. M

    Opinions on co-habitating box turtle species?

    Hi everyone, I had been planning on getting an Eastern Box turtle with the idea that I would eventually have a group of them and house them outdoors in the summer. However while I was planning out the indoor enclosure for an EBT, I've been made aware of a Chinese box turtle on that needs a home...