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    Orzo here, this is my life as a pie chart ?? What other things do you do during your busy tortie days? ??
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    I write a To do list every day on my personalised tortie paper, got to write these things down when you’re busy busy busy like me!! Can you relate? ?? #workhardplayhard #grindneverstops
  3. Lady Ashthorn

    Planning ahead- is this safe?

    Hello! Ez and I made it a week! I know this is incredibly early, seeing as how it's still winter up here in Canada, but I'm wondering if the plants which grow naturally in my yard are safe for a redfoot tortoise. The one I have been having trouble getting any information on is called "heal all"...
  4. M

    Baby eastern box turtle not eating!

    I have a baby eastern box turtle and it has not been eating and it just turned winter here and my older box turtle had eating problems on her first winter too even though they are both indoors. How can I get it to eat?
  5. C

    Cherry seed/pit ingestion by a tesudo

    hello, this is my first post in this forum. I am new here. I have always had aquatic species so this is my first testudo hermanni hermanni. I have cherry trees in my garden and he was roaming around and I think he ate 3 cherries including the pits. It was very fast. I have read they can eat...