1. A

    Radiata hatchling worried about Bottom shell

    Hello, I have 2 radiated hatchlings approx 6-9months old and one of them shows weird coloring on bottom shell like it would be whiting out/losing black pigment, not sure how to explain better but have attached photo of both to see the difference, they are kept at same enclosure together. Could...
  2. Jayme_3

    Am I feeding my sulcata hatchling enough?

    The photos I’ve attached are from yesterday. The first was around 9am the second around 6:30pm. And the third photo is for size reference. I did give him another big dandelion leaf after the second photo that he ate most of but there was a little leftover this morning. Should I be offering more...
  3. Bo's Mom & Dad

    Any tortoise keepers in Vancouver, BC?

    Hello all, I am looking for a friend to set up a playdate for my little tort. Haven't had any luck finding a tortoise keeper in the Vancouver BC area, but I'm hoping I may find some luck on here. I would very much like for my little guy to meet other tortoises since he has not done so yet...
  4. C

    Looking to Buy Russian Tortoise Hatchling

    I am interested in buying a Russian Tortoise Hatchling, preferably male, please contact me if you are a breeder and have any Russian Tortoise Hatchlings for sale. ... Email: [email protected] Text or Call: (248) 770-2132
  5. S

    Hello there!

    Meet my new RF hatchling, Taco! I've had him for exactly a week today and he seems to be adjusting well. He surprisingly loves his morning soaks and will stay in them forever, adores mango, and already comes to me and will eat out of my hand ? Thank you to @Southernreptiles for the beautiful baby!
  6. N

    HELP PLEASE (yellow bumps)

    I recently purchased two Sulcata Hatchlings from tortstork. I had them in the same closed chamber they had flukers reptibark as there substrate the temps and humidity was all good. I would take both out for there uvb for an hour each day but I started to recognize one was getting bullied...
  7. H2.jpeg


    Just sitting here, watching me human.
  8. lionheartHC

    Sulcata hatchling snack?

    Never realized the place I typically buy my greens has clover sprouts. Would this be alright to include in my hatchlings diet?
  9. feefofum

    Clear bubbles coming out of nostrils

    Hi everyone! I just got a 2-month old marginated tortoise last Wednesday and named him (going with him right now but who knows haha) Houdini. This is my first time raising a tortoise so I did all the research I can beforehand. Also read Chris' care sheet on marginated tortoises and that's...
  10. lionheartHC

    New Sulcata hatchling enclosure!

    I know he won’t be in here for long but I’m quite thrilled with how everything came out!
  11. lionheartHC

    How often do I feed my Sulcata hatchling?

    I now have my enclosure finished! Ambient temps sticking around 85F and humidity is always between 70% and 80%. Side note, he has a humid hide that stays at 100% humidity. Should I shoot for a constant 80% in the entire enclosure at all times or will 70% suffice? My question is how often should...
  12. BHiLL

    Hi! New Eastern Hermann's Tortoise Owner

    Hi everyone! My name is Brian and I live in Los Angeles. I recently became an owner/proud parent of an Eastern Hermann's Hatchling, Tortilla! He (maybe a he?) has been getting daily soaks, has a great appetite, gets some sun during lunch, burrows down for long sleeps, and already enjoys us...
  13. N

    Western Hermanns Hatchling Advice

    Hi!! I am getting a beautiful western hermann in the next week. She is my dream tortoise, I at first ending up buying a zoo med tortoise house, but I have noticed the benefits of a closed chamber enclosure. I am wanting the best care of my little one, I do want to make sure her lighting is...
  14. Domm

    Enclosure Check, Substrate Turning Black?

    Hello, I have had an Eastern Hermanns Hatchling for about a week now, he is only a little over a month old. I am keeping his enclosure damp for humidity and it never drops below 65% the temp is usually 80-90 during the day and around 73F at night. I noticed pieces of the substrate are turning...
  15. CliffordtheredfootTORT

    Redfoot Hatchling temps

    Hey everyone I have another question for you guys about temps. So I set up a 40 gallon breeder for my hatchling I closed the top of it so it’s basically a closed chamber now should I have a cold and a hot side or should I just keep the whole tank at one temp right now the humidity is at around...
  16. T

    Texas Tortoise hatchling Enclosure

    Hi! Today we found a hatchling in the garden, almost the size of a bottle cap, it is a Texan Tortoise. I have some questions of how and where should I keep it, since I have some options. I have this plastic box which is 8in x13.5in and tall enough, I can seal it with a lid to keep it humid, but...
  17. B

    6 month old Med Spur is she pyramiding?

    hi there! i’ve had my baby tortoise for 2 months now and she is 6 months old. She’s always had a couple lumps and was the largest out of her brothers and sisters. I am worried she is showing early signs of pyramiding and am looking for advice on how i can help/if it’s an issue. Attached below...
  18. Tortoise tornado

    Pancake tortoise

    What would everyone recommend for a hatchling pancake tortoise enclosure? I know they’re different then most, so what would I need inside the enclosure?
  19. Cherryman304

    Cherryhead or Red foot?

    Ok so I am a new to tortoise keeping and husbandry. I bought a cherryhead tortoise from "tortoise town". The more research I do and the more I look at other people's photos. Well long story short I feel I recieved a regular red foot and not a cherryhead. What signs should I really be looking...
  20. Cherryman304


    When and where do most hatchlings go to the bathroom. Like he has had soaks and I've seen nothing and I've not found anything in the cage. At least nothing of noticable size. I have had him for a week. He comes out eats. I've seen him drink and chew on his cuddle bone. But no poop? How long...