1. R

    Bump on my baby Sulctata's nose?

    I've noticed a strange bump on the tip of her nose. I'm not sure if that's just her face or if I should be worried about some kind of infection? Please share your thoughts
  2. Wookie

    Change in sleeping habits

    Hi all, I'm seeking advice for our lil Russian tort Wookie. For the past few months he will wake up at the exact time his light and heating comes on. He has been spookily accurate with this honestly it amazes me because he digs himself so far down at night I don't know how he knows! Must be...
  3. T

    Shell rot?

    Hi there I had my tortoise out earlier and was inspecting her and noticed what looked like signs of shell rot on her plastron? The top of the shell looks okay to me but is the bottom normally supposed to look like that? She hasn’t been eating as much the past few weeks which I chalked up to...
  4. R

    Syringe Feeding Water and Pellets

    I have a hermann's tortoise which is sick and doesn't eat or drink anything (I soak my tortoises 30 mins a day.) so I soak some pellets and put them in a 5ml syringe and feed him with the syringe. I also give him water with the syringe (usually 0,5 ml at a time). So I wanted to ask that if it's...
  5. M

    Watery Eyes

    Hello! I have a Cherry Head Tortoise, it's approximately about 4 months old. I've noticed that my tortoises eyes are watering, when I wake them up. They are eating and drinking still. Should I be concerned? Or is there anything I can do about it?
  6. JRB77

    Moving my 2 year old tortoises

    Hello! I have 2 beautiful and healthy sulcata tortoises that I’ve acquired from Phx AZ. 2 years old. I’m moving to Charleston, SC next month and hope it’s ok to take them with me! Is this ok? I want the best for them and hope that they will be ok to make the transition with me. Any words of...
  7. Second Hand Tortoise

    Tortoise swollen cloaca

    Hello all, I need advice on this ASAP. I'll start from the beginning. Yesterday, my tortoise Pippi was struggling to defecate. After a few good minutes of straining, she managed to do so. I soaked her in warm water afterwards to make sure it was all out. Today, I fed Pippi and she showed no...
  8. J

    Is it normal for my new sulcata tortoise to not eat?

    I researched this and a few things say it's normal for the first few days. On day 2 she ate a few bites of her food and regularly drinks water. (To add, I keep a thermometer in there to keep track of the temperature in her enclosure while her lamp is on) She also just sleeps all day, which I...
  9. C

    Russian Tortoise shell

    Hello! I’ve had my Russian for about four months now. He was living in a glass enclosure when I got him and was only fed romaine lettuce every other day and didn’t have access to clean water. Well now he has a 4x8 wooden tortoise table, fresh water daily and gets a large variety of different...
  10. T

    Shell Health

    Hi all, Fairly new to tortoise keeping and still getting the ropes. I have had my 2 year old Russian Tortoise for 5 months now and I love keeping him. I was just wondering if anybody is able to advise me on him and his shell. Does he look healthy? I have a mercury vapour bulb on 12-14 hours a...
  11. C

    Please can someone look at my Russian tort:(

    Hey. We’ve had this little girl for a couple months now. She came from a home where they did not know how to care for tortoises. I’ve done all my research, feed her adequately, she’s got a heat lamp, goes outside twice a week and gets soaked. Does her shell look okay? It’s not completely round...
  12. P

    Russian Tortoise Shell

    Hei people, I have a little russian tortoise. She is about one and a half years old I believe. However, I have her for about five months only. I started noticing some strange patterns on her shell, so I am wondering if it is normal or not? First two pictures from when I got her and others two -...
  13. R

    Tortoise not eating / freaking out

    Hi everyone, Rowdy the Russian tortoise is about seven years old now. Everything was fine up until a three days ago when I noticed he started ramming the walls and decor in his enclosure. I thought this was odd so I looked closer and he was walking around with his head sucked in his shell. I...
  14. A

    Greek tortoise - always asleep

    Hello, We have a two year old Greek tortoise who seems be sleeping too much. We’ve had him for a few months and when he first arrived he’d be up for 8-10 hours a day basking under the light for most of it. Having come back from holiday (with friends looking after him) he now only wants to...
  15. E

    Lucy swallowed a screw!

    Hello everyone! I need as much advise and information everyone is willing to provide. This past Saturday, 2/5. I was soaking Lucy and I noticed her breathing was odd. Later that day, i noticed she had watery eyes and mucus running down her nose. I made an appointment with the vet immediately...
  16. S

    Wrinkled bottom shell

    I have had this greek desert tortoise for about 3 years now (got it from a friend who had it for about 10) and do not recall the bottom of his shell being wrinkled like this. The shell does not feel soft and I am unsure if he had it before (keep in mind I do not look at the bottom of his shell...
  17. No1much

    Is cadwells shell okay ?

    Hey everyone I was just handling cadwell (russian male approx 4/5 years old now) and I noticed his shell has alot of dips and crevices. I've noticed it before but never thought much of it but the way the lighting was really exaggerated it. He seems very happy and hes VERY active. When I first...
  18. W

    Got 2 new Red-foot tortoises and they won’t eat or move much

    I recently got 2 red foot tortoises from Turtles and tortoises inc. I’m kind of worried cuz they don’t much or move a lot. I don’t if this is cuz it is a new place and they are still getting use to it. I use a stick on thermometer and gauge from zoomed. The humidity is around 75%. I use a...
  19. C


    I am a new yellow belly slider owner. Petco gave me a surplus of bad information and I am wondering if any noticeable damage has happened to my turtle. I am also wondering about how old she is.
  20. S

    worried about my tort :(

    Hey guys, i have recently got myself a tortoise and read up so much on them about everything haha He is on a tortoise table and is about 7/8 months old and he isn't really eating as much right now! i do know that when its cold they don't really eat that much in winter anyways and according to...