1. T

    Sulcata Scutes/Suture Concerns

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and joined the forum to help my aunt find some answers about concerns she has for her 4 year old sulcata. Her tortoise has recently developed some new spacing and texturing along the sutures of her shell. She has sent along some photos that I'll post below. The...
  2. frenchsuite

    Tortoise Medical Products

    Hello everyone! I am a new tortoise owner and recently got three tortoises (two Russians and one red foot), all from petsore. They currently live in three enclosures and seem to be happy and active most of the time. Based on the online medical info I ordered Panacur (Fenbendazole) animal...
  3. frenchsuite

    Some big morality issues for my new tortoises

    So, I got two male Russian tortoises from PetSmart a few days ago, and both of them look happy and healthy so far. I separated them into different enclosure because I noticed that they did not get along in the same enclosure when they were in PetSmart. Now I noticed something that is wrong...
  4. R

    Are aquarium plants good for turtles?

    This might be a really obvious question lol, because it seems like obviously there has to be some sort of nutrients in aquatic plants. My turtle is eating the plants like crazy, and I love it. I’m considering getting a whole separate aquarium just to grow plants in so I can put them in his tank...
  5. S

    5 month old tortoise died suddenly.

    Hello everybody. Back in January I bought a red footed tortoise (Rio) from a reptile expo. The picture shown is just minutes after I got him. He had a large nice enclosure with heat lamps and pads, thermometers, a layer of soil and coconut husk, and was soaked frequently. His enclosure was kept...
  6. H

    New Sulcata hatchling owner… is this normal

    Hello! Recently purchased a Sulcata hatchling (?) I can’t tell how old it is. Based on weight and length I’m assuming around 2 months old. I have some concerns about its face though. When we purchased it. It looked very dry and the substrate provided wasn’t ideal. We have improved its tank...
  7. K

    Worried about my Sulcata

    Hey, Im a new reptile owner and bought a Sulcata from a market here in Thailand back in June, when i got him he was 38g he quickly (1 month) gained weight up to around 54g and now we are in february, aka 9 months later and he is hovering around 53g - he peaked at 58g but been settling around...
  8. M

    White spots on shell

    I got an Eastern Painted Turtle last week. She arrived with these white spots on her shell. There was a mix up with the delivery and she was in the package for 2 days without sunlight. So far these spots have not grown but the company we purchased from has recommended that we apply Lotrimin to...
  9. L

    TORTOISE URI RESEARCH PROJECT- need all the help I can get :)

    Hi all, My name is Kristy. I’m a student at ASU doing some research on tortoise upper respiratory infections and I’m looking for tortoise owners who could be able to help me with this study. I have a Sulcata of my own who suffers from a URI, so I made this brief research survey to help me find...
  10. V

    redfoot shell rot on carapace?

    Past few weeks/months I've noticed some white marks/blemishes appear on top of my redfoot's shell. At first I didn't take much notice to it as I thought it was shedding + having a dry shell. I also spray her down + her enclosure and the wet shell can hide the white blemishes. I'm starting to...
  11. D

    recently adopted a 22 year old male sulcata who was fed improper diet.

    I have had my sulcata for about 2 weeks now after adopting him from a woman who could no longer take care of him. She fed him an improper diet of dogfood and bananas for all 22 years of his life, so he has some deformation in his shell and is small for his age I believe. I have tried fixing his...
  12. marbalboy

    Really unsure of health

    I had to emergency rescue this tort from an awful living condition arrangement, but as a new tort owner….yeah. I do not think this hatchling looks healthy. What is wrong with it ? The shell…. It is behaving fairly normally, is very curious, and eats a little (although mostly from my hand)...
  13. P

    Shell crack on the edge

    Hi guys! yesterday I realized my little tort's shell cracked. It cracked on the edge of his shell. You can see that in the circle in the picture I attached. I can move it up and down a little but it hasn't completely fallen off yet. I don't want to pull it out because I'm afraid it will hurt...
  14. E

    HELP swollen tail

    After his soak i noticed my russians tail was inflamed and swollen. I am very concerned does anyone know what could be causing this?
  15. E

    Something sticking out of its behind!

    Hello everyone. Today, my husband noticed something hanging out/ sticking out of our tortoises behind. I am that tortoise parent that freaks out about everything and this object i did not recognize! If anyone can please help? Should i be rushing him to the vet?
  16. C

    Penis or prolapse?

    I have a yearling Egyptian tortoise who has recently begun to exhibit what I consider to be somewhat frightening behaviour. I will attach a photograph, but for lack of a better description, I worry that my animal may be prolapsing. This has only started in the last couple of weeks, with no...
  17. W

    Underbite or overgrown beak?

    Hi, so we’ve just acquired Delia, a 40 something year old (we think greek?) tortoise from an acquaintance who’s moving country. My mum has had a tortoise before so we know at least the basics. My question is, can tortoises have an overgrown bottom beak/jaw? I’m wondering if it’s an underbite or...
  18. Scollins17

    Tortoise Eating Rocks

    Hi I have a marginated tortoise about 3 years old and looks large enough to be moved outside. Spent a couple weeks making a good outdoor enclosure. Every time I move him outside, first thing he does is sit there and eat rocks until I put him back inside. First time was 2 mos ago and the couple...
  19. Grxciea

    Greek tortoise not growing.

    I’ve been concerned for my little ones health for a while now as she has not grown compared to my other Greek tortoise who is around the same age. She is five years old and only just bigger than a hatchling. I do not know if it is something to do with the bullying when both the girls shared an...
  20. BennyandJackJack

    Blue Urate

    Hey quick question to all - my little hermanns tortoise has just done his urate and it is blue, like really blue - he did have a purple and yellow viola petals and some red Komoda Tortoise Diet pellets yesterday but I am not aware of any blue food he has eaten that would colour it. I Have read...