1. W

    Underbite or overgrown beak?

    Hi, so we’ve just acquired Delia, a 40 something year old (we think greek?) tortoise from an acquaintance who’s moving country. My mum has had a tortoise before so we know at least the basics. My question is, can tortoises have an overgrown bottom beak/jaw? I’m wondering if it’s an underbite or...
  2. Scollins17

    Tortoise Eating Rocks

    Hi I have a marginated tortoise about 3 years old and looks large enough to be moved outside. Spent a couple weeks making a good outdoor enclosure. Every time I move him outside, first thing he does is sit there and eat rocks until I put him back inside. First time was 2 mos ago and the couple...
  3. Grxciea

    Greek tortoise not growing.

    I’ve been concerned for my little ones health for a while now as she has not grown compared to my other Greek tortoise who is around the same age. She is five years old and only just bigger than a hatchling. I do not know if it is something to do with the bullying when both the girls shared an...
  4. BennyandJackJack

    Blue Urate

    Hey quick question to all - my little hermanns tortoise has just done his urate and it is blue, like really blue - he did have a purple and yellow viola petals and some red Komoda Tortoise Diet pellets yesterday but I am not aware of any blue food he has eaten that would colour it. I Have read...
  5. D

    Adopted new daughters with big scar, and strange Toes

    Hi folks, I adopted this beautiful lady a couple of months back. Appreciate your help on a few things: Identification: have three Greek tortoises, but this doesn’t look anything like them; any guesses on breed and age? The gash: There’s a big white scar running across her shell, but it is...
  6. M

    Help!! russian tortoise brown pee, is it a kidney problem?

    I've been with my russian tortoise 15 years since I was like 10 years old and he was a baby, he has been very healthy but since he has awakaned from hibernation a month ago I have decided to let him roam from his enclosure of coconut soil to some rooms (with stone floor) for the first time ever...
  7. I

    Only This Frontal Scute Is Pyramiding On This Hermann's Tortoise

    I have tortoise called Phoenix. She is a 7 month old Hermann's Tortoise. I got her while she was sick. She was stressed and she didn't eat for a while. I hand fed her every day and after a while she turned normal. She was really healthy until I noticed one of her frontal vertebral scutes were...
  8. G

    Worried about 12 year old Red foot

    Hi, Just wanting some advice. And guidance regarding my 12 year old Red foot Georgie. Set up: large vivarium with adequate heat source, UV and humidity topped up at multiple times of the day. For the past 2 weeks Georgie has not eaten or has eaten very little. She appears lethargic opting to...
  9. O

    Wet poop- Leopard tortoise

    Hello everyone. I’ve had my leopard for tortoise since about September. At first I thought his wet poop was due to stress of travel (1 day overnight). But it hasn’t changed since. Took him to vet, said he looks healthy and poop test came out negative for parasites. He eats greens and enjoys...
  10. Paschendale52

    Bruminating Painted turtle health scare

    @Markw84 @Yvonne G Hello, I just went out to check on the turtles bruminating in the pond and I noticed that Fatty (southern painted map turtle) was upside down. Three map turtles were in evidence at the bottom, the others I'm sure are hiding out somewhere. The map turtles all look fine. Fatty...
  11. C

    White spots around redfoots eyes

    My partner and I are brand new Tort parents. We've only had our little lad for a few months. In the last couple days there seems to be small white spots on the corner/just above his eyes. We tried to see if they would come off while he was soaking, but it doesn't seem to be effected. I noticed...
  12. A

    Another problem! Tom, help!

    Hey! I posted about a week ago in my thread “Please Help!!” asking what to do with my pet desert tortoise. I was kindly helped by Tom The Dog Trainer and SinLA. My tortoise was not in ideal conditions which included flooding and not-so-ideal temperatures. So, I brought my little Godzilla inside...
  13. N

    Advice please for new Sulcata rescues.

    Hi everyone! I would appreciate any suggestions and insights. I run a animal rescue, primarily dogs and farm animals. We occasionally take in reptiles, though I am no expert. Our policy with reptiles is that we reach out to other reputable exotic rescues and if we take them in, they go straight...
  14. R

    Bump on my baby Sulctata's nose?

    I've noticed a strange bump on the tip of her nose. I'm not sure if that's just her face or if I should be worried about some kind of infection? Please share your thoughts
  15. Wookie

    Change in sleeping habits

    Hi all, I'm seeking advice for our lil Russian tort Wookie. For the past few months he will wake up at the exact time his light and heating comes on. He has been spookily accurate with this honestly it amazes me because he digs himself so far down at night I don't know how he knows! Must be...
  16. T

    Shell rot?

    Hi there I had my tortoise out earlier and was inspecting her and noticed what looked like signs of shell rot on her plastron? The top of the shell looks okay to me but is the bottom normally supposed to look like that? She hasn’t been eating as much the past few weeks which I chalked up to...
  17. I

    Syringe Feeding Water and Pellets

    I have a hermann's tortoise which is sick and doesn't eat or drink anything (I soak my tortoises 30 mins a day.) so I soak some pellets and put them in a 5ml syringe and feed him with the syringe. I also give him water with the syringe (usually 0,5 ml at a time). So I wanted to ask that if it's...
  18. M

    Watery Eyes

    Hello! I have a Cherry Head Tortoise, it's approximately about 4 months old. I've noticed that my tortoises eyes are watering, when I wake them up. They are eating and drinking still. Should I be concerned? Or is there anything I can do about it?
  19. JRB77

    Moving my 2 year old tortoises

    Hello! I have 2 beautiful and healthy sulcata tortoises that I’ve acquired from Phx AZ. 2 years old. I’m moving to Charleston, SC next month and hope it’s ok to take them with me! Is this ok? I want the best for them and hope that they will be ok to make the transition with me. Any words of...
  20. Second Hand Tortoise

    Tortoise swollen cloaca

    Hello all, I need advice on this ASAP. I'll start from the beginning. Yesterday, my tortoise Pippi was struggling to defecate. After a few good minutes of straining, she managed to do so. I soaked her in warm water afterwards to make sure it was all out. Today, I fed Pippi and she showed no...