help appreciated

  1. Newredfoot24


    Hello everyone I am a new tort mama, with a female red foot hatchling. I purchased her May 19 from a reptile show. The seller wasn’t helpful at all when asking him simple questions, he couldn’t even tell me her sex… I had to google image that. But anyways, I would love some help with her new...
  2. Y


    Hello. This is my first post here, so please tell me if I am doing something wrong. My vet told me that my tortoise has edema, basically what she said was that the tortoise had liquid under her skin. what are the causes of this edema and how can I fix it? Is it something that can be pulled out...
  3. L

    New member here! Tortoise species identification/gender question

    Hi everyone! I’m new here and recently rescued a baby tortoise. I think it’s a desert tortoise? I haven’t had that much time to read through all of these amazing posts yet. Could someone tell me if this is indeed a desert tortoise and what sex it is? Thank you! I also have an outdoor habitat...
  4. blastoise3

    Is Our Baby Sulcata Sick?

    Hello, We just got our 2 month old baby Sulcata tort Blastoise yesterday and we can't tell if it's sick (RI) or if maybe this is normal. When taking him for some sun we think we saw his nose have bubbles. It started to make a squeaking noise as well. We took it for a soak but never saw the...
  5. LavenderPickles

    Please help identify type of tortoise

    Hi all! I am very excited to be inheriting the family tortoise and in preparation for taking him on I would love your help. He is around 60 years old and my family who initially had him never knew what kind of tortoise he is. I would love to find out so I can research and provide the proper...
  6. Eckgirl88

    I think he’s dying

    Artie is lethargic and his shell is softer than it should be. His enclosure is a large tote with a ceramic heat bulb, a MVB at 75w (we added today from the one that is like spiral and white), and also an incandescent bulb at 65watts. His cool side is 80 and the warm side fluctuates based on...
  7. L

    TORTOISE URI RESEARCH PROJECT- need all the help I can get :)

    Hi all, My name is Kristy. I’m a student at ASU doing some research on tortoise upper respiratory infections and I’m looking for tortoise owners who could be able to help me with this study. I have a Sulcata of my own who suffers from a URI, so I made this brief research survey to help me find...
  8. lambylemons

    HELP my baby redfoot is not eating

    Hi I live in Florida and my baby redfooted tortoise Mary Shelly has not been eating we've tried making her warmer she's been drinking and peeing every day and she is very active she usually eats a lot but lately she hasn't been interested we put food on her tray and she doesn't eat it we put...
  9. E

    Something sticking out of its behind!

    Hello everyone. Today, my husband noticed something hanging out/ sticking out of our tortoises behind. I am that tortoise parent that freaks out about everything and this object i did not recognize! If anyone can please help? Should i be rushing him to the vet?
  10. S

    Baby tortoise back leg ROTTING. PLEASE HELP

    My baby red foot tortoise is having problems with her back leg. I’m scared a lizard might have attacked her while in her enclosure outside. Her back right leg is completely missing claws and the skin is peeling off. I’ve been washing the area with baby soap and applying Betadine solution and...
  11. M


    I need help! I got my cherry head red foot tortoise (named Mango) when I was 9 (I am now 22) and I am bonded for life with him. He has a unique life because I grew up in Alaska, and he currently lives there with my parents. My parents have watched him for the last 4 years while I was in college...
  12. R

    Help! Setting up new terrarium for my Hermann

    Hi guys, I've recently adopted a 11 year old Hermann tortoise who's previous owners had him in a 42inch wide and 18inch deep table top with wood pellets as the substrate. He currently has a arcadia D3 basking lamp. His current temperatures sit between 16-28 on the cool side in the day and...
  13. S

    Merwin needs help 🙂

    Hi everyone! My name is Shalom and I was able to bring home a class Tortoise pet for the summer. I was incredibly excited until I started doing research and realized that the poor Tortoise has been grossly mistreated. I only brought him home Friday and am slowly gaining knowledge. Merwin is a 7...
  14. SArchieIII

    Possible systemic issue: Liver problems or kidneys - Now, what?

    The Vet called me today. He has seen Archie yesterday (we didn't pay the check-in), I couldn't go as I am myself not well lately, he mentioned that in his opinion, all we have done it is all that we can do at this stage, and there should have been improvement already. It is not the case...
  15. H

    Turtle Scute Cracked!!

    Hi! I’m posting this for a friend who has some turtles! They’re 10 months old! One is 66 grams and the other is 54 grams! Their shells are cracking a bit. I hope you can see in the picture that the top scutes have gaps instead of it all being smooth. Is this normal? I’ve tried to look at other...
  16. P

    Questions about lighting

    I have a few questions regarding lighting required and I'm finding it really difficult to find some information that makes sense to me on this topic. For context, I'm currently looking into getting a russian tortoise (haven't bought anything yet). I live in the UK and would be housing indoors...
  17. V

    Would love help figuring out how old my hermanns tortoise is!

    This is Koopa my Hermanns Tortoise, I got him from a pet store that rarely cares for tortoises. So they didn’t have much information on him. He is sweet as can be and very active. Loves to climb, explore and soak daily. Just not certain of his age. He is about 6 1/4 inches from the tip of his...
  18. Leomama422

    Tell me everything (testudo)

    Tell me everything wrong and right and how I can fix the wrongs and help my baby.
  19. Just.Alexander

    Help (eyes swollen shut)

    My 1 year old Afghan tortoise eye isn’t opening and I don’t know what to do. His eye was watery yesterday but I though it wasn’t big of the deal. The other eye is fine but he is sleeping a lot at right now and that concerns me. This year he was bitten by a dog but it wasn’t serious he was fine...
  20. H

    Drum and tortoise good together?

    Im new to this forum so im not gonna be able to get some stuff but is it ok that i can play my drums while my tortoise is in the same room as me?