help appreciated

  1. Just.Alexander

    Help (eyes swollen shut)

    My 1 year old Afghan tortoise eye isn’t opening and I don’t know what to do. His eye was watery yesterday but I though it wasn’t big of the deal. The other eye is fine but he is sleeping a lot at right now and that concerns me. This year he was bitten by a dog but it wasn’t serious he was fine...
  2. H

    Drum and tortoise good together?

    Im new to this forum so im not gonna be able to get some stuff but is it ok that i can play my drums while my tortoise is in the same room as me?
  3. C

    help-- scale blocking torts nostril

    my tort has a scale almost growing over his nostril- its causing him to be a bit wheezy and have his mouth open a bit, as you can see in the image. overall he's a happy active tortoise, eating and reacting to things normally. the closet reptile vet to me is an hour away so ideally id like to...
  4. A

    Roadhog says hello from Denver Colorado!

    Hi everyone! So, I found this little guy wandering the streets of my neighborhood. Nearly ran him over. He was sluggish and dirty and dry so I decided to take him in. (Not sure if this was the best decision but I was worried about someone else hitting him and his general appearance). Just from...
  5. tazpjm

    White tail tip

    Hello, I noticed that my tortoise had a white tail tip when I was bathing her. I'm not sure if it's a wound or a fungal infection. She's not acting weird or anything, she seems normal. Please help.
  6. B

    Tortoise Species?

    I found a tortoise near where we are and I wanted to know what kind of tortoise it is? We found him and wanted to know if this tort is legal or not, we live in Nevada and he reminds me of a sulcata, but also a desert tortoise, but I could be wrong. Any feedback is appreciated!
  7. A

    Is the age the shop owner gave me correct?

    Hi folks, week old newbie to the Squirtle world here, just wondering if any experienced shelltists out there can confirm the age I was given for Fuego seems right. Shop owner said she is between 10 months and a year old.
  8. G

    AM I A BAD TORT DADDDDD????!helppppp

    So I’ve always wanted a tortoise since I can remember and it’s only been in about the past 3-4 months I’ve seriously considered taking in the responsibility so I started doing research and read about everything I could find on redfoots since they seem easier to keep comfortable for a first...
  9. I

    White Marks By My Russian Tortoise’s Eyes

    Hi, im new to this forum and a fairly new owner of my Russian tortoise. Her name is Beatrice, this morning I noticed marks on her face near her eyes and practically had a heart attack, can anyone please help me? (Dont mind the dirt on her head she had just finished burrowing before i scooped her...
  10. F

    Nonstop mating noises and Ejaculation

    My tort has been making non stop sex noises and tries to mate with everything. He ejaculates everywhere and my family is getting tired of cleaning up tortoise semen. This has gone on for months now. It’s gotten to a point where he’ll stop eating if he spots anything that he thinks he can mate...
  11. T

    Heating my new viv

    Hi, I have just bought a new viv for my tortoise. His old one was 2 foot tall and his new one is 14 inches tall inside. I don’t know what’s the best way to heat it as the basking spot I have currently is about 6.5 inches including the bulb. If I put this in his new viv there would be about 7...
  12. S

    Help identify Gender extra advice would be really appreciated

    I'm a new torts owner. Could anyone help me identify the gender of these two.
  13. PiL71

    Entire enclosure overhaul

    Hello all! I've been redoing my substrate, when I discovered heavy water damage (presumably from the moist coco coir and general humidity of the air) on the bottom. My enclosure is a unique one, (pics can be found on my profile, I believe) but I'd like to keep this idealogy and apply it to my...
  14. P

    Tortoise rescue advice

    Hello! My family is thinking of rescuing a tortoise that is currently on craigslist. Although we have experience with tortoises and many other reptiles, we are looking for some advice. This tortoise was found on the side of the road and was turned into a pet store. The owner of the pet store...
  15. Richardidn

    Hi from Indonesia ! Got a couple of question here

    Hello Im Richard, just recently got myself a lovely little sulcata fella named Coco (cho'-cho'). A month at most. So I've read couple of newbie guide from this forum, saw lot of youtube and taking advices from local tortoise farm owner (they're pretty nice guys). But, i would like more in...
  16. M

    How do I know if my tortoise is dead?

    my tortoise was acting weird today and i gave him collard greens and baby arugula this morning and put him outside on the grass in the sun so he could eat and he barely ate and had his head out a lot so i brought him in and put him on the carpet and when i came back he was in his shell and...
  17. JaydenTheTort

    First time owner. Rate my setup?

    so Yesterday I got two Russian tortoises, I read up as much about them but it's my first time taking care of tortoises, just want to make sure they're happy. This is a temporary set up there's two of them but the other isnt visible in the picture I believe they're both female but the store said...
  18. Sabz

    Help needed please.

    Hi, Just want to say firstly thank you if you're reading this thread. I am a first time turtle owner and i just need some advice. I have 2 musk turtle 1 year old and 10 month 2 map turtles both just over 8 weeks. I have a elite filter, 1 heater, 1 uvb bulb and 1 uva bulb . I have gravel and...
  19. T

    Possible mbd and pyramiding, details below

    I've made a post on the tortoise subreddit and they've told me to come here The shells have pyrmided slightly and are now dipping in between the rows of scutes. I'm very worried so any advice nesesery please send my way
  20. C

    Is what I bought ok for hatchling?

    I've never owned a tortoise before, but I've done a lot of research, watched lots of youtube videos, bought all the necessary supplies, and I think that the terrarium is ready to go, but I want to be sure so nothing bad happens. I bought the Thrive Temperate Essentials Kit from PetSmart and a...