1. M

    Hello! New Tortoise Parent - Looking for some advice on juvenile horsefield tortoise behaviour

    Hello All, 3 weeks ago myself and my partner became parents to a 1 year old Horsefield Tortoise called Ferrari (my family are car mad). We've wanted a pet for a while and research brought us to the decision that the Horsefield Tortoise would be the best for our lifestyle and conscience. We...
  2. C

    Set up for a Rescued Russian

    Hello all Tortoise lovers! I am in need of help and guidance.... Recently, I went to a local, reputable, reptile pet shop, to buy a baby (1 year old) Tortoise. As my sister did 3 years ago, and her little Russian Tort (Cinders) is ace. When I got there I was introduced to an adult male who had...
  3. A

    Any good Russian Tortoise breeders?

    Hi I’m new here. I’ve been doing some research for a while now because I’ve been interested in owning a tortoise for the first time. I’ve settled on a Russian tortoise. Does any one know of any good Russian breeders? I tried to order one with tortoise town and that didn’t go over well so I got a...
  4. L

    My 1 and a half year old Horsefield

    So I got my boy Milo last December, he is now 1 and a half years old. And 2 weeks ago I brought him a friend, baby meelah. I believe she is a girl, she is only 7 months old and half of his size. He has never shown signs of mating however he recently (since meelah settled in) has been trying to...
  5. Bigred1974

    Pyramiding? Unsure?advice most welcome

    Hi there. I have a 2 year old Horsefield named Crystal. We rescued her from a house where she had been living with another Horsefield and was being g bullied. She has been with us since June and we are trying everting we can to make sure she has the best set up and life from now on. I wanted to...
  6. T

    Hibernate or Overwinter - Help?

    Hello, This is my first post so bare with me! We are soon adopting a horsefield tortoise (our first tortoise). Its all been very last minute, but I've done plenty of research. However, due to the time of year (November), the tortoise has gradually stopped eating and so hasn't eaten for 2 weeks...
  7. A

    HELP! Horsefield tortoise neck is purple, swollen and scabbed

    Our horsefield tortoise (Ted) has a swollen neck - the swelling goes down with Loxicom but comes back when stopped and his skin is a purple colour and keeps scabbing then bleeding. The worst scabbing occurs where the top of his neck meets his head and there is a band of hard skin that continues...
  8. R

    New Horsefield Tort owner!!!

    Hi everyone!! Hope this message reaches you in good health :) I got a year old, female horsefield tortoise yesterday and I wanted some clarity on the heating situation. I was told to keep her UVB light on at all times (including night time when she's sleeping) however there are many posts...
  9. Rainbow Tortoise

    Worming a Russian tortoise - Help

    I took my 1 year old Russian tortoise to the vets (just for a check-up) and they said they could worm him if he hadn’t already been wormed by the place we bought him from. I wasn’t aware the tortoises needed worming but the vet said that young tortoises that are kept together can often have...
  10. Rainbow Tortoise

    Horsfield Tortoise weight gain problems

    I weighed my 1 year old tortoise today and am concerned with the results. I have not had him very long but here are his weights so far: 1/7/18 - 59 grams 29/7/18 - 68 grams 31/8/18 - 72 grams 3/10/18 - 68 grams I am concerned about him loosing weight as he is a growing tortoise. Is this...
  11. Rainbow Tortoise

    Russian Tortoise pink pee - Help!

    My 1 year old Russian tortoise has been having pink instead of white pee and it is concerning my. We don’t feed him dandelion or any other food I have read can cause pink pee and I’m worried it might be blood. He seems fine other than this a part from that he doesn’t poo very often (twice a...
  12. Rainbow Tortoise

    Help! Wrong Tortoise basking temps!

    I recently got a 1 year old horsefield tortoise and thought his temperatures were fine as I was using a 100W bulb and a temperature gage on the side of the cage said it was 30 - 35 degrees Celsius. However I recently got a temperature gun that says the temperature directly under the bulb is...
  13. Urbanmonkey

    What am i doing wrong???

    Hi all I have a 5 month old horsefield tortoise and would like people to check what im doing to pick fault please. My tortoise table is 2ft by 4 ft by 1ft deep Im using mvb 100w bulb from Acadia Temp is 33 in warm zone and 20 in cool. Drops to about 14/18 over night. Light reachers 60of...
  14. T

    HELP! Mouth problem!

    Hi, I have a two year old Russian tortoise called Ted, as of the past two weeks he's been acting as little funny with regards to his eating habits, he usually chomps his food and almost completely clears his bowl every time, but lately he has not, and he's been eating rather slowly. Noticing...
  15. G

    Breeding a horsefield tortoise

    I'm hoping to breed my young horsefield tortoise once he/she has reached maturity. I was just wondering if anybody could give me some useful tips or advise/facts about breeding the type of breed then please let me know ! It would help if I do decide to breed my horsefield tortoise ;)
  16. G

    Horsefield gender difference

    Hello I would love if someone would tell me how to tell the gender of a baby horsefield tortoise I got a baby horsefield in August when it was aged about 7 months and would love to know it's gender if anyone could help me :)