1. R

    Moving red-foots from Canada to Ireland

    Hey, hoping someone with experience shipping reptiles can help me out here! I currently live in Canada and at the end of this year I am going to move back to Ireland. My partner who I met here is coming with, and they have 2 red-foot tortoises and a bearded dragon. So far shipping of our...
  2. S

    Best Method of International Travel With Medium Sized Tortoise

    I have a 5 year old sulcata who is a bit large for his age. He weighs around 40-50lbs at the moment. For work I may have to temporarily relocate overseas for 1-4 years and wondered if anyone knew what the best method of transport would be to take him there. I am Not looking for info on legal...
  3. Kim&Tim


    My name is Kimberley and my five year old Horsfield is Tim, Timmie aka little hooligan. I have Timmie since January and he's a rescue. He's had a bad life, he was bred in the Netherlands in 2015 where I'm from and sold to people who kept him in horrible conditions. He lived in 12 inch by 12 inch...
  4. MadameFizzgig

    HELP! Need to ship a tortoise internationally - need advice!

    Hi there everyone, I was living in the Netherlands for a few years with my boyfriend but we broke up recently, so I moved back to the USA. Problem is, I have a Russian tortoise that I wasn't able to take with me when I left. Is it possible to ship him safely from The Netherlands to the USA? I'd...