1. A

    Lettuce with nutrient powders?

    Hey everyone, So I've had my tortoise for about 3 years so far, a wonderful adult male Russian tortoise. Our vet has confirmed his great health, which I'm glad to hear. I know that feeding lettuce to tortoises is widely looked down upon, due to the low nutrient content. I always try to get him...
  2. C_P808

    Bolted lettuce?

    My neighbor has a hydroponic garden, and they have bolted romaine lettuce. They don't want it because according to Google, the leaves are a bit bitter compared to regular romaine. So they asked if we want it for our Sulcata. Anyone know if it's okay for them eat it?
  3. MartinM

    Heir Looms.

    Hello. Noob forum member... I’ve cared for my tortoises since I was about 5 years old. I’m now 38. They have now officially become my “pets”. Although they’ve been around a lot longer than i have. (I think that makes me the pet). They are a living heir loom. They’ve had a tough life...
  4. Kaia's guilty pleasure

    Kaia's guilty pleasure

    The bacon equivalent - lettuce. If someone calls tortoises slow, that's because they haven't seen this spur-thighed Greek goddess get a glimpse at lettuce.