lighting setup

  1. M

    Arcadia T8 - Distance?

    I just moved my Greek Ibera from a table into a 4 x 2 x 2 vivarium. The issue I am having is the height of the vivarium in comparison to the bulb I am using. The bulb is an Arcadia Euro Range 10-Percent D3+. At the moment, it hangs down at the side, not in the middle as would be preferable...
  2. L

    UVA basking bulb

    Sorry all but I’m still confused. I have just purchased the T5 pro kit 12%. I’m very happy with the tube light but what I’m unsure about is can I use a uva basking bulb along side it or do I need a different type of bulb? Thanks
  3. L

    Unsure on basking light needed

    Hi All, I got some amazing help with my last post so thought I’d ask you guys anoth question. I have just bought the T5 pro kit 24w tube light and I’m now wondering what basking light to use. I have a heat only one at the moment but I’m wondering if that’s all I need or would I be better with...
  4. EllisEditz

    Are these lights suitable for my redfoot tortoise?

    just wondering if these lights i have for my 12month old redfoot are suitable :)
  5. EllisEditz

    (Extension Cables) for lighting equipment!

    I have a one plug socket only with two plug ports, which isn’t too good for me as I need 4 ports but I do have extension cables do you recommend using them or would they possibly blow my equipment?‍♂️?