lost tortoise

  1. W

    Revisiting Search for Lost Tortoise

    Hi everyone, my name is Andrew. I have been missing my tortoise for 7 years now(since October 2012). I have not been very active searching for him since then. However, I want to continue my search for him. I feel embarrassed to ask my neighbors since it has been so long since I have lost him...
  2. Tsskell

    Lost my tort in hard to find conditions :(

    Had my young russian lost in my grandma's garden. She's like 7 years old and we take her every summer to my grandma's garden. Sometimes she gets lost, but we find her all the time. However it's been like 4 weeks, and we haven't found her directly. During summer she always hibernates, so we are...
  3. DarwinsOwner

    Lost My Russian Tortoise 8/25... Worried Sick ... Any Advice Helps

    Hi all, I lost my buddy Darwin (Russian/male) two days ago, 8/25, in my backyard around 1 pm. I take him out most days for some exercise and sunshine since I usually keep him inside (I live in Mass, which gets pretty cold during the winter months) I must've looked away for no more than a...
  4. ies711

    Do pigeons attack/pick up baby tortoises?

    Yesterday I caught a glimpse of two pigeons flapping around the outdoor tortoise enclosure and when I got there found that one of my two baby Russian tortoises was missing. Could the pigeons have been pecking at him and then picked him up when they flew away? Or did he simply escape due to being...
  5. R

    summer hibernation?

    we have lost our three year old herman tortoise. it is not possible for her to escape the enclosure...we are 99% certain....and are wondering, if she has burrowed donw to escape this hot summer, how long she can last without food and water, and what will trigger her to wake up and get up again...
  6. Nessa

    Missing/Lost Sulcata Tortoise

    My 40 lb tortoise went missing Thanksgiving from my house in Arcadia, CA. She has a spike missing on her left back leg and has a little white dent on the center top right of her shell. I have been searching for 4 hours and put up posters around my neighborhood and have knocked on doors. If...