Revisiting Search for Lost Tortoise


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Jun 18, 2013
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Hi everyone, my name is Andrew. I have been missing my tortoise for 7 years now(since October 2012). I have not been very active searching for him since then. However, I want to continue my search for him. I feel embarrassed to ask my neighbors since it has been so long since I have lost him. When I first lost my tortoise, he was on my lawn, so I am wondering if he is still hidden, buried deep in the lawn. My lawn is not fenced in, so this possibility might not be likely. If not, he could have wandered off, but I do not know where. I did knock on almost all my neighbors’ doors when I lost him, but then again, I have not been active in my search up until recently. I have posted ads on my local patch news website and Craigslist. I have heard from people on Craigslist. They tell me to keep knocking on doors and passing out flyers while at the same time reporting my lost tortoise on and So far, I still have not found my tortoise. I have also reported my lost tortoise on I keep my fingers crossed that I will find my tortoise soon. In the meantime, does anyone have tips or suggestions? Thank you all very much! I have also uploaded an image of my tortoise below. Thanks so much everyone!


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Jan 23, 2008
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Russian tortoises cover a lot of ground. After all this time, I'm sure he's far, far away from your neighborhood. I'm sorry.

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