1. C

    Is it ok for leopard tortoises to eat moss?

    There is moss growing in my garden, and I sometimes let my leopard tortoise roam around there to bask under the sun and eat some weeds. And every time when it sees moss, it would nibble on them. When I see this, I always pick it up and put him/her somewhere else because I'm scared the moss might...
  2. N

    Why is my baby tortoise eating moss?

    My baby tortoise has food in its enclosure, but for some reason it isn't even touching its food, it goes straight for the moss... I didn't like this since I don't think moss is good for tortoises, so I put it inside a different enclosure for a while where the moss has been replaced with...
  3. Autiwara

    naturalistic indoor enclosure for RF?

    TL;DR wanting to change my setup to something naturalistic, wondering about living peat moss as a bedding. Would it be too wet? My juvenile red foot Clyde is currently living in a 90x45x30 cm which is now only a layer of paper towels, an MVB basking light, a CHE and a dry hide with papertowels...
  4. M

    Sphagnum Moss as substrate?

    my little tort is being treated for an eye injection and ive had a few people recommended using orchid bark or orchid mulch/sphagnum moss for his substrate. I can’t seem to find anywhere to buy it in the uk does anyone know where I can get it? Also is sphagnum moss okay to use? I thought...
  5. Bambam1989

    To moss, or not to moss

    This is about live moss. This subject was brought up in a different thread and I thought I could get more people involved in the discussion if I started it in a new thread. I thought it would be a good idea to place mats of live moss that I had harvested from my own yard into my young sulcatas...