new tortoise

  1. Flapjack

    New and Concerned Pancake owner.

    Hello, I want to make sure I am doing everything correctly. The more knowledge the better, right? I'm kind of worried about shell growth. I've had since December, im assuming he's about a year old now? I want to make sure I am doing enough. Shell on butt is curving upwards and doesn't look...
  2. Donnie61

    New tortoise owner from Korea!

    Hello Everyone! I'm from South Korea and this is my new tortoise Donnie :> I got him about a week ago and he's a Horsfield tortoise! I've read a lot of useful information here before I got him so I figured I should just sign up. Thanks for reading!
  3. M

    I’m a terrible tortoise owner I don’t know how to help him

    My Desert tortoise is in hibernation right now and I looked it up because I thought it might be too cold and it said it should not be below 50°F and I looked at the weather and it was 37° so I panicked and literally pulled him out of the hole I had him in outside and took him inside to his glass...
  4. C

    New Russian Tortoise Update- Still Settling In?

    Hello all! I thank those who responded to my previous post about the concerns I had with my new Russian tortoise (ordered online, received a month ago). He is moving around A LOT more each day. He is basking more which is great. He started eating a little (emphasis on a little) bit this past...
  5. Y

    Tortoise Identification!

    Hello! A tortoise has been passed down from a few family and friends because no one wanted to take care of this tortoise. I have never had a tortoise before but I plan on staying committed in giving this little guy all it needs! I was wondering if anyone recognizes the breed and gender?
  6. Plum

    I have new tortoises!!!

    Hi! I have just collected 2 tortoises and I am overjoyed! I was given them by a friend who could no longer look after them but I felt very ill prepared! Been to the reptile shop to get advice and before they moved in managed the following set up: -Tort table (approx 4ft by 2ft) -Corn...
  7. SiggyS

    New to tortoise-ing, what kind do I have?

    I recently acquired a cute little tortoise from an acquaintance and have no idea what kind it is. Can someone help me? They also mentioned that there may be a little shell rot?! How do I find that out?
  8. George the Turtle

    New Tortoise Owner Help!

    I just became a tortoise Mom a week ago, after rescuing a "3 toe box tortoise" from being run over in the middle of a busy street! (please excuse me if I am wrong, very new to pet tortoises) I did some research on him, and do know that it is male because of his yellow spots on neck and arms, as...
  9. Leonajward

    Help new tort??

    my tortoise Alfie is 5 in may he is a boy for sure and is so low maintenance has free range of the house and garden whenever he wants. However I went to the pet shop the other day to buy him a new bed/half a log as he is too tall for his and saw a baby tortoise waiting to be bought and I really...