new york

  1. K

    Greetings from NY looking for a Baby Herman To Call My Own!

    Hi There, I'm new to the community. I'm an organic Gardner located in Long Island, New York. I'd really love to find a baby Hermann's tortoise to spoil with my fresh greens i am constantly growing. I am under the assumption it maybe too early for hatchlings to be available. I do have 97% of a...
  2. V

    Need a temporary home for my sulcata NY or very close

    Hey everyone, Apartment life has finally proven to be too much for us after so many years and we are looking to buy a house with a backyard for my sulcata. In the meantime, we need to sell this apartment and find a house. I would like him to spend time in a safe home while we market the...
  3. T

    2 female Sulcatas

    Hello, I’m on Long Island in New York. I have two female Sulcatas 12 years of age, from the same litter. I love them but unfortunately I have to give them up. Looking for a loving forever home for them, preferably to the same home
  4. Reneejax

    Russian breeder NY

    hi, I'm looking for a Russian breeder - preferably one that is in my state or surrounding state- tops 90 miles away. I'm in dutchess county NY Hudson valley Long Island NY Bridgeport CT Elizabeth NJ