1. K1RK

    Two Ornate Box turtles helped across the road.

    Top four are a shy little male I helped off the road this morning. The bottom four are a little female I helped off the road about ten miles further down the road. I really enjoy helping these lil turts out of the road. I take pictures of every one and determine a sex. Been thinking about...
  2. K1RK

    My Morning with the Turts.

    Day off so spent the morning with the turts.
  3. K1RK

    another ornate saved from the road.

    This has the be the prettiest turtle I’ve help so far this year and figured i’d Share the beauty I briefly had in my company with all of you. She is safely in an adjacent pasture now.-
  4. K1RK

    My Outdoor Ornate enclosure

    My outdoor enclosure. Hope you like it. Any questions feel free to ask.
  5. kerrishell

    Hi y'all I'm new! Former eastern box turtle owner and enthusiast, looking for a new one.

    Hi everybody. So glad I found this forum. Thankyou for having me. I grew up in beautiful Long island, New York. Back when only twenty years ago the eastern box turtles were seemingly plentiful and you could encounter them all the time. Back then I was really into nature and animals, and I took...