pancake tortoise

  1. Flapjack

    New and Concerned Pancake owner.

    Hello, I want to make sure I am doing everything correctly. The more knowledge the better, right? I'm kind of worried about shell growth. I've had since December, im assuming he's about a year old now? I want to make sure I am doing enough. Shell on butt is curving upwards and doesn't look...
  2. Tortoise tornado

    Pancake tortoise

    What would everyone recommend for a hatchling pancake tortoise enclosure? I know they’re different then most, so what would I need inside the enclosure?
  3. sned25271

    Russians, Pancakes, Marginateds, Redfoots, Leopards

    Hatchling season is in full swing here and we have several species available. All are over 2 months old and are doing great! All these were captive bred and born from my adult groups. Russians- $175 Pancakes- $375 Marginated- $125 Leopard- $125 Redfoot- $100-125 Prices do not include shipping...
  4. Pipsqueak

    Pancake Tortoise Lethargic and Not Eating

    We have a pancake tortoise that hasn't eaten in about four days. She seems to be sleeping a lot and isn't as active as she usually is. Given the chance, she'll go into a dark shoe closet and sleep there. Her enclosure is about 100 degrees on the warm side and 80 on the cool side. We've had...
  5. FLemko

    White Spot

    What is white spot above its mouth? I just spot it a week ago
  6. T

    Help Needed. Baby African Pancake Tortoise

    I’ve had my baby for a couple of weeks now. Ordered him from Arizona Tortoise Compound. He started off fairly energetic but has definitely slowed down. At this point he barely moves, and will usually be exactly where I left him whenever I come back. When I take him out to soak he does still get...
  7. Pancake88

    Need help deciding if Pancake needs beak and nail trim.

    My 10 year old Pancake has never had a nail or beak trim. I am wondering if it is time for one. Nearest vet that handles tortoises is hour and half away cost will be $60 health checkup, $15 nail trim, and $20 beak trim. Looking at the photos can you tell if a trim is needed or if everything...
  8. Pancake88

    New Pancake Tortoise Indoor Enclosure

    Just finished building the new enclosure. Need to still figure out a good way to add my UV light that doesn't obstruct the view of the table.
  9. Pancake88

    Looking for help with Pancake Tortoise indoor enclosure.

    Hi All, I have been reading through the past pancake tortoise threads looking for help in designing a new cage. But I have not found enough design ideas. I have a 9 year old pancake tortoise that I have had in the same 5x3 glass enclosure since a hatchling. I am looking to create a new much...
  10. C

    Pancake Tortoises

    I am looking for a pair of pancake tortoises. The pair does not have to a proven breeding pair, but a male and female. I am a Environmental Science student at The University of Texas at San Antonio, and I am concentrating in Conservation. Breeding Pancake Tortoises interest me as they are...