prickly pear

  1. C

    How long does it take to grow next 'generation' of prickly pear cactus?

    I have grown three prickly pear cactuses since several months ago, for my tortoise. I don't know the technical terms, but how long will the next batch of pads grow. I mean, I bought four pads, and planted them. After a few days/weeks, new pads started to grow. So I want to know what is the...
  2. HorrorHaru-Redfoot

    Im a little worried my cousins might have given the tortoises to much dry food.

    Im a little worried my cousins might have given too much dry food and mealworm to my tortoises, im not sure about the amount they ate. So I gave them 2 small pieces of prickly pear each, is there anything else i can do or give my tortoise to make the journy out easier ? I thought they might get...
  3. profmsgem

    Spineless Thornless Edible Nopales Prickly Pear Cactus

    I have ordered twice from TexasPricklyPears. I found him on Etsy. The pads that I have received are top notch. You may check out his reviews. His prices are great. He does not charge shipping. I highly recommend this seller if you need prickly pear cactus pads. My little Callie (sulcata)...