radiata toitoise

  1. Sharfova

    Radiated Help

    Hello. I bought radiated tortoise 2 mounth ago. I bought tortoise with defect. will the stripes be normal over time?
  2. JenC

    Young Radiated Tortoise for sale-$

    Very healthy growing approx. three year old baby. I’m very sad to say I am being forced out of my rental home and will not have a yard anymore. I have all paperwork-lineage info. Texas residents only. I am near Austin, TX. Tortoise table, lights and outdoor enclosure included. $2000. I can send...
  3. U

    Need help save my radiated tortoise

    Good morning everyone, I need help desperately. My radiata is about 30 years old. A few months back he stopped eating and became lethargic. He has been seen by multiple exotic vets and treated mainly with antibiotics, via injection and orally. A couple of weeks back, a feeding tube was...
  4. yusufning

    Extreme Pyramiding - 23cm (Can he improve)?

    HI Everyone, I recently acquired a new male radiate tortoise. It has extreme case of pyramiding because it was given diet mostly on pellets and bad humidity. Its 23cm. Can he improve? Because I know males can go above 35cm. Will such pyramiding cause any defects in the future? such as walking...