redfoot feeding

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    Num num time
  3. J

    Red Foot Growth

    Hey, I have a Red foot tortoise about 3, 3 and half years old. When I got him I was new to reptiles and he was definitely not in the proper conditions. I wasn't feeding him enough and had him in an open enclosure with harsh lighting. I think he is stunted. He's around 6 inches in length. I feel...
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    Eating lunch looking out the bay window of his/her condo
  5. EllisEditz

    redfoot tortoise and broccoli.??

    is broccoli okay for redfoots to eat? and how would you guys prep it?
  6. N

    Redfoot Tortoise Hatchling Diet/Feeding schedule

    Hi everyone, I have a three month old tortoise hatchling about to turn four months named Nopal. I just wanted some advice and possible suggestions of what I could do differently or what I am doing right, thank you in advance! I have him on a schedule where I soak him, for thirty minutes and...