russian tortoise help

  1. F

    Tortoise won't eat and just digs in the corner!?

    I'm new to owning tortoises and I need a bit of help. My around 6-month-old Russian tortoise won't eat and spends its entire day digging in the corner. Is this normal or should I be concerned?? I have a feeling this has something to do with my enclosure being small, I'm working on trying to get...
  2. I

    White Marks By My Russian Tortoise’s Eyes

    Hi, im new to this forum and a fairly new owner of my Russian tortoise. Her name is Beatrice, this morning I noticed marks on her face near her eyes and practically had a heart attack, can anyone please help me? (Dont mind the dirt on her head she had just finished burrowing before i scooped her...
  3. T

    Thinking about getting a Russian tortoise indoors. Is a 6x3 enclosure okay?

    I'm thinking about buying a Russian tortoise, and am able to purchase all the equipment I need for it indoors. Is a 6x3 foot enclosure okay, or does it need to be larger?
  4. K

    New Russian Tort Possibly has shell rot..? Please help!

    I recently got a Russian tort and he's very active, but I noticed his shell is peeling on very small parts and on the underside of the shell, he's got a white spot, almost like exposed bone? It was this way when I purchased him but I didn't think it was shell rot until I looked it up to make...
  5. M

    Tortoise shell growth looks strange to me, please help.

    I have a tortoise named Bibble( I’ve had her for going on three years). And Her shell has these strange indents on them and I don’t know what could be causing it. She’s still very active and everything else seems fine. I feed her leafy greens and some lettuce (kale, mustard greens, salad greens...
  6. R


    My dad gave my russian a piece of pineapple earlier today (I wasn't around otherwise it wouldn't happen). I know some fruits are ok as a rare treat but I can't find anything on pineapple. Will my tort be ok? Do you think this requires a trip to the vet or is there anything I can give him to help?
  7. BassMaster4379

    Russian Tortoise Stays Buried, Seldom Eats

    I'm new to the reptile world in general and a first-time tortoise please excuse my ignorance. I recently purchased three new Russian Tortoise hatchlings. They were approximately one month old when I received them and are approximately 2 months old now. All three hatchlings are from...