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  1. M

    How do I sex my Russian tortise?

    So we took in a male Russian tortise from a friend who was giving it away and I’ve had him for about a week and I’m starting to think he’s not a male. From all the images around we think he is actually a female but I’m needing help with sexing her/him.
  2. VinnieG

    Is The 40 Gallon Tank My Russian Tortoise Is In Ok?

    Hi i am new and was just wondering if the 40 gallon tank is enough for him or if i need to change anything i got everything else handle for the most part i tihnk as for misting, feeding, bathing, and cleaning but i am just posting so i know if i do need to change anything for his well being...
  3. C

    Help! My male Tort is trying to mate with everything!

    Hello! New to this forum and to being a full-on Tortoise parent. I rescued my male 11 y/o Russian tortoise from a neglectful Montessori school in my city. I brought him home last summer and he was underweight, had parasites, and was very finicky with food. He is healthy now, and has recently...
  4. D

    Looking for Russian Tortoise.

    I'm new here so I hope I'm not stepping out of line, but I'm looking for three adult Russian tortoise, a male and two females. I live in Tennessee and I've searched relentlessly for a tortoise species that can handle our climate. It was between the hermans and Russian and I went with the...
  5. D

    Where can i find them?

    I hope I'm not speaking out of term, but if I am I apologize in advance. Where can I find, or is anyone looking to rehome any adult russian tortoise? I know they can be imported, but I would prefer long term captives or CB. I have two acres and I love building naturalistic enclosures for my...
  6. Neon_xero

    Tortoise egg explosion!

    So my tortoise egg popped yesterday out of no were when my mom was fixing out the water. We switched out the heat lamp but I don't know if the same thing can happen to the others. the egg that popped was kinda submerged in the dirt but to the point where half of the egg was sticking out. I am...
  7. Russian tortoise grazing backyard

    Russian tortoise grazing backyard

    This was the day I got my Russian, he seemed VERY happy to be outside! I rescued him from a terrible situation... Who knows what this guy has endured.
  8. Snapchat-495113765.jpg


    The tank has live marigold plants, and opuntia cacti inside. My Russian is a climber and loves exploring.
  9. ltocadisco

    Who's the New Guy?

    Hello there! I'm Adam from the northeast corner of Illinois. I have a 3 year old Russian tortoise who likes romaine lettuce, hay, and sleeping in a rock cave. Although I just finished a lovely outdoor octagon (aka the Tortagon) it seems it's about time to bring the beast for winter. Time to...