shell advice

  1. R

    A friend is asking for help!

    Hello! I told a friend of mine about this forum, and they asked me to help identify an issue with one of their two tortoises’ shells. ,,These markings have been there for about a year, and it happened after a few scutes fell off. What could it be? Apologise for the dirt on the tortoise’s shell...
  2. S

    Shell flaking

    I have adopted a male Sulcata. His owner said the deformity was normal shell growth, but I have my concerns. It’s not soft and doesn’t appear to be shell rot IMO. It appears to be dehydration. I’m really looking for ways to improve his shell health.
  3. L

    Worried about shell rot

    Hi All, I is the attached picture something for me to worry about?
  4. C

    Is this ridge a sign of Pyramiding or just his spine (sulcata)

    I have seen the ridges start to grow on him (1 year) So I made sure his light is okay and double my efforts to make sure he has enough humidity. So I hope that will stop his tiny ridges from growing any taller. But I do not know if that ridge that he has is? I think it might be his spine but I...
  5. C

    Please can someone look at my Russian tort:(

    Hey. We’ve had this little girl for a couple months now. She came from a home where they did not know how to care for tortoises. I’ve done all my research, feed her adequately, she’s got a heat lamp, goes outside twice a week and gets soaked. Does her shell look okay? It’s not completely round...
  6. P

    Russian Tortoise Shell

    Hei people, I have a little russian tortoise. She is about one and a half years old I believe. However, I have her for about five months only. I started noticing some strange patterns on her shell, so I am wondering if it is normal or not? First two pictures from when I got her and others two -...
  7. T

    2 month old sulcata hatchling with shell issue

    Hello! I’m new here! I’m coming here to see if anyone is able to give me some insight on my small hatchling sulcata, Pete. He’s had no issues since getting him at 2 weeks. He eats great. I have him on calcium with the proper lighting. A couple nights ago when soaking I noticed his shell had a...
  8. L

    Shell check Herman’s 2 years old

    Hi, This is sunshine our family pride and joy we got him last may at 1 year old. Can someone tell me if his shell looks ok and does it look like the start of pyramiding? I’m panicking!!!!!! Many thanks
  9. S

    Wrinkled bottom shell

    I have had this greek desert tortoise for about 3 years now (got it from a friend who had it for about 10) and do not recall the bottom of his shell being wrinkled like this. The shell does not feel soft and I am unsure if he had it before (keep in mind I do not look at the bottom of his shell...
  10. A

    Radiata hatchling worried about Bottom shell

    Hello, I have 2 radiated hatchlings approx 6-9months old and one of them shows weird coloring on bottom shell like it would be whiting out/losing black pigment, not sure how to explain better but have attached photo of both to see the difference, they are kept at same enclosure together. Could...
  11. No1much

    Is cadwells shell okay ?

    Hey everyone I was just handling cadwell (russian male approx 4/5 years old now) and I noticed his shell has alot of dips and crevices. I've noticed it before but never thought much of it but the way the lighting was really exaggerated it. He seems very happy and hes VERY active. When I first...
  12. T

    Horsefield Tortoise Shell Pyramiding?

    Hi all, I am worried that my horsefield tortoise’s shell (1 year and 6 months) is starting to pyramid. He is fed on a pure weed diet, temperatures in the tortoise table are 34 degrees at the warm end and around 20 at the cool end. Humidity is about 70%. He is bathed every 2-3 days. Does his...
  13. S

    New Marks on Tortoise Shell

    Hello! I took these images to a reptile store and they said it doesnt look like anything to them but these marks have developed slowly over the past two weeks. He is a good eater, very active. I soak him three times a week, his lights are about a month old and he has a cuttle bone but i also...
  14. M

    There is something wrong on my 7-month-old sulcata scute!

    Hello friends, I’ve been noticing my sulcata’s back. There is something strange between its scute (attached the photos below) I mean, I’ve been observing its shell for the past 2 weeks. The problem area was small. I was hoping the sulcata just shedding or something(?). However, now the...
  15. T

    Sri lanken baby!! Does anyone know what this weird spot is!!!??

    Hello I picked up a baby star tortoise yesterday, suposidly a sri lanka, it is very tiny. His shell is a bit deformed… but im also concerned about this spot on him. I havnt even had him 24 hours yet… he seems pretty healthy. It almost looks like a mole, in the center of his scute. If anyone...
  16. FrankReynolds

    Does my tort look ok?

    just wondering if my 1y 4m old Eastern Hermann’s looks ok? She’s recently had a growth spurt and her new growth ring looks weird to me. I’m terrified she’s pyramiding. I keep her in coarse and fine coir and pour water in/spray down every day. She enjoys a foraged diet with 2 mazuri pellets a...
  17. A

    Introducing Usain Bolt!

    So after some research and bothering you all here, I have adopted this 20yrs old Russian tortoise and named him Usain Bolt. He was found on the streets and taken to a pet store who then contacted the rescue. I had to drive 100miles each way to go get him but I didn't want to buy one from a...
  18. Krista S

    Help with filing sharp edges

    Hello, My Hermann’s tortoise has some very sharp edges on his shell that are starting to cause me some concern. Over the last few months the transparent edges are starting to protrude out more and more on the scutes up near his head and near his back legs. You can already see in the picture...
  19. S

    Hermann's Identification and Shell Deformity?

    Hello All! I have been getting a lot of good advice from this forum since I got my tortoise 2 months ago. I have wanted a Hermann's since I was 21 and at 31 it became a reality. They were not particularly easy to find where I am finally found one in a reptile hobby store (i know. Probably not as...
  20. B

    Relatively New to this

    New to taking care of a tortoise and just want to make sure mine is doing ok. It almost looks like there is a small dip towards the back of her shell and from what I have seen online it almost looks like the early stages of pyramiding. I want to make sure I am properly taking care of my Hermann...