shell advice

  1. M

    Really unsure of health

    I had to emergency rescue this tort from an awful living condition arrangement, but as a new tort owner….yeah. I do not think this hatchling looks healthy. What is wrong with it ? The shell…. It is behaving fairly normally, is very curious, and eats a little (although mostly from my hand)...
  2. P

    White spots on shell

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this forum and just wanted some advise. I have a horse field tort called Totty (she is actually a he as we found out recently) Totty is around 10 we think, we had her of a friend who had her off another friend... I've noticed Totty's shell is looking different, almost...
  3. I

    Weird tortoise shell spots.

    Hello, I have recently acquired my baby redfoot tortoise and it seems to have some weird spots on the shell. I am worried that it could be shell rot but I can't tell if you have any ideas or tips please help me out thank you so much!
  4. J

    Help needed

    What’s this on my tortoises shell? Help? My horse field tortoise is 13, I was just giving her/him (not sure on gender lol) a bath and noticed this on there shell, he’s been pretty lazy the last few days just sleeping and not really eating. Not sure if it’s maybe abit of shell rot? Or just a...
  5. E

    Cracks or Peeling on Sulcata Carapace

    Hello, Looking for someone who has some knowledge or experience on something we are seeing on our Sulcata. We noticed tonight that there are two spots on its back that appear to almost be cracks between the scutes. A corner of one is lifted and then there is what looks like a crack between two...
  6. M

    Weird patch on shell

    Hey guys! My best tort bud here has been with me a couple of weeks. I recently started noticing these weird 'patches' on his shell as you can see in the photo. Is this something serious or just a normal part of shell growth? He's active, seems healthy, has got his lamp on daily for 12 hours and...
  7. S

    White around shell and plates

    Hi there, I am worried about my cousins Russian tortoise. We have had this one for a year or so now and it does not get the attention it needs, but it well fed. It had white around its shell and plates. Is this new growth for him? Is this lack of vitamin D or calcium? She’ll rot? We don’t know...
  8. B

    Damaged shell

    Hello, I’ve just noticed some damage to the underside of my 10 year old Horsefield’s shell. His behaviour hasn’t changed and is still eating and active all day. He climbs a lot and does fall, but this seems like an odd place to damage from a small height and a soft landing. I’m not sure how...
  9. K

    Deep scute lines

    Aloha, my 4 year old has some extra deep scute lines. Is the normal or the beginning of shell rot?
  10. J

    Possible shell rot.

    Ive never seen this before. It is not wet. It is not underneath. Is this shell rot? Ive given him a bath and put betadine. Has anyone seen this before? Any advice? He has also not had interest in food for 3 days but I have also made him an enclosure in my garage so that he is not out in the...
  11. A

    Plastron issue or just slight damage/other issue?

    Hey everyone! My little CBB Russian is about 10 months old and has had little pit for as long as I can remember, it hasn’t noticeably got worse but never better. Rest of the shell looks fine (to my knowledge) but I’m just scared after hearing pits could be rot. Maybe it’s nothing of concern but...
  12. M

    Hatchlings Shell develop

    Hi everyone, I’m really concerned about my Sulcata hatchlings health! I’ve incubated some eggs from my adult female sulcata. I have had two successful babies and one is unfortunately not the same. The baby was struggling to get out of the shell, with only its head being out. So with the...
  13. victoria.shayne

    1.5 yr old Hermanns—possible issue with shell (rot? Maybe soft?)

    Okay I’m a constant worrier so bear with me, my little one avoids his uvb light (tube light, 24in long) so if we’re being honest he probably doesn’t get as much as he should. I noticed something the day before on his plastron (parallel to my thumb in picture) so I’ve been monitoring things. He’s...
  14. R

    A friend is asking for help!

    Hello! I told a friend of mine about this forum, and they asked me to help identify an issue with one of their two tortoises’ shells. ,,These markings have been there for about a year, and it happened after a few scutes fell off. What could it be? Apologise for the dirt on the tortoise’s shell...
  15. S

    Shell flaking

    I have adopted a male Sulcata. His owner said the deformity was normal shell growth, but I have my concerns. It’s not soft and doesn’t appear to be shell rot IMO. It appears to be dehydration. I’m really looking for ways to improve his shell health.
  16. L

    Worried about shell rot

    Hi All, I is the attached picture something for me to worry about?
  17. C

    Is this ridge a sign of Pyramiding or just his spine (sulcata)

    I have seen the ridges start to grow on him (1 year) So I made sure his light is okay and double my efforts to make sure he has enough humidity. So I hope that will stop his tiny ridges from growing any taller. But I do not know if that ridge that he has is? I think it might be his spine but I...
  18. C

    Please can someone look at my Russian tort:(

    Hey. We’ve had this little girl for a couple months now. She came from a home where they did not know how to care for tortoises. I’ve done all my research, feed her adequately, she’s got a heat lamp, goes outside twice a week and gets soaked. Does her shell look okay? It’s not completely round...
  19. P

    Russian Tortoise Shell

    Hei people, I have a little russian tortoise. She is about one and a half years old I believe. However, I have her for about five months only. I started noticing some strange patterns on her shell, so I am wondering if it is normal or not? First two pictures from when I got her and others two -...
  20. T

    2 month old sulcata hatchling with shell issue

    Hello! I’m new here! I’m coming here to see if anyone is able to give me some insight on my small hatchling sulcata, Pete. He’s had no issues since getting him at 2 weeks. He eats great. I have him on calcium with the proper lighting. A couple nights ago when soaking I noticed his shell had a...