shell advice

  1. B

    Relatively New to this

    New to taking care of a tortoise and just want to make sure mine is doing ok. It almost looks like there is a small dip towards the back of her shell and from what I have seen online it almost looks like the early stages of pyramiding. I want to make sure I am properly taking care of my Hermann...
  2. B

    Is this normal or does anyone have any ideas what it could be?

    Hi I have a Tortoise which is around a year old and I was washing him today and noticed a White substance on him. It looks a bit like PVA glue when you get it on your hands (if you know what I mean). Is this normal? If not what could it be and what should I do? Thanks
  3. I

    Sulcata shell issue?

    So I've had my baby for almost three years now and all was well, her shell was perfectly healthy up until she got to big for her terrarium. At that point I got rid of the terrarium and set up a location where her heat lamp and uv lamp were set up for her to use as she pleases but I'd say a...
  4. randy1738

    White spots on shell

    Hello everyone! I recently adopted a 3 year old red eared slider. I noticed she had some small white spots on her shell about a month ago. I started giving her more time outside of the tank and they seemed to start going away. Although, one of the spots on her shell has gotten huge in a very...
  5. TMooney

    Update on Phil and Shell Growth Question

    Hi all, From what I can tell, Phil is a happy, healthy little tortoise. He's just over 4 months old now and has grown from 3.8cm(~1.5in) and 14g to 5.7cm(~2.25in) and 38g during that span of time! A lot of credit goes to this forum for helping me out with this little guy. I've been trying to...
  6. M

    Are my sulcata tortoises’ shell okay? There are white rings on them!

    Hello, everyone. I have 2 baby sulcatas about 2 months old. They are active and eat a lot. This evening when I took them to soak, I found white rings on their shells. Is this normal? I’m worried if this is an early sign of shell fungus or shell rot? PS. I come from Thailand. I’m sorry for my...
  7. sadid1999

    What are these white marks on my Russian tortoise?

  8. M

    Yellow Belly Slider shedding or shell rot?

    I’m new to the turtle world, thanks to my toddler finding this one in a swimming pool and not willing to let it go. We have had it going a little over a month now. Very active, not a big fan of the pellet food but we found she likes the frozen cubed foods and blood worms and seems to have a...
  9. H

    RES-Is this bone from bulb burn or shell rot?

  10. B

    Edge of Shell Flaring/Fringing/Turning Upwards

    Hi there! I'm looking for some experienced opinions. Attached are some pictures of my little Hermanns (please excuse the calcidust on her bottom, she's been roaming) - I'm a little worried as I've noticed the edge of the back of her shell is slightly flared/turned upwards (she's around a year...
  11. Otis-RussianTort

    Help! Tortoise age and shell health

    Hey guys! Yesterday someone on the forum guessed Otis is between 5-10+ years old. Is there a way I can narrow down a closer guess to how old he is? Also, does his shell look dry and should I be doing anything for it? Currently, I mist him and short soaks. Thanks in advance :)
  12. F

    Shedding or Shell Rot??

    Hi all. My turtle is about 7 months old and 4 inches big. She's growing pretty quickly, but I noticed this on her stomach. I'm not sure if it's shell rot or her growing. Can someone give me advice? I think I'm going to take her to the vet if it doesn't go away in a week, but I wanted to get...
  13. M

    Black spot on undershell

    I got my young sul tortoise. He/she seems to have these sort of black spot/ scab type thing on the undershell. It's slightly softer than the rest of the shell so I am slightly concerned. I can't find any info on it. It seems to be doing well so far. has good energy eats pretty well, rest of the...
  14. Rlogreen

    Help Learning About Tortoise

    Hello, We recently rescued our tortoise from a friend who wasn’t taking the best care of her. We’ve had her for about 2 months, built a new enclosure, taken her to the vets and she’s definitely getting healthier and putting on a little weight. We have noticed these pale lines start to appear...
  15. L

    IS THIS NORMAL? (Shell advice)

    Hi guys! I have a Hermann tortoise about 9 years old and have had him for about 4-5 years. He’s never had any health problems so I’m hoping this is nothing bad! I’ve noticed recently that his shell has curved underneath his backside slightly. It wasn’t like this before it has happened recently...
  16. F

    Poipu’s Shell.

    Hey everyone, my tortoise is tortoise eats lettuce carrots tomatoes celery strawberries & flukers veggie diet, and his shell has been kinda sloping in the back any suggestions?
  17. Codie Lynn

    Dented Belly

    Hi all! I have an Eastern Hermann tortoise who is almost 10 months old and I was giving him his bath and noticed the underside of his shell is dented on both sides in the middle, it’s freaking me out what does this mean? It’s still hard but a noticeable dent on each side that was not there a...
  18. turtwigtortoise

    New Tort Owner

    Hi guys, Relatively new Hermann’s owner - just a quick question for anybody who would like to offer advice. I did and continue to do ALOT of research into how to best keep my little guy, I pretty much have everything like temp, enclosure, meals and daily routine down to a T. But one think...
  19. R

    Shell de-colorization

    This is Ruby, my 15 year old horse-field’s tortoise. She is in good health other than the problem described below. Ruby had a white ring around her shell about a few months ago, and I went to tortoise forums for help. All and each response I got was that this was normal, and would go away at...
  20. F

    Odd tortoise situation

    Hello, I have had a few issues with my tortoise and I am unsure how best to go forward. (he is about 3 and a half years old and is a Hermans tortoise. At the start of 2018 he was 37g but now we are at 706g. Gender is still unknown.) I got him a few years ago not long after he had been hatched...