1. S

    How old is my tortoise

    Hi, I got my Horsfield tortoise 5 days ago and was told he was CB22, be he seems to small for that when reading others post. I have measured and weighed him today and he is 6cm and 48g. How old would you say he is
  2. 2023 Steve

    2023 Steve

    Steven has grown since we've moved to our new home. Here he is photo with a soda can for size comparison. (He had just finished his bath, he still shrinks up around us. Usually hes ok walking around but the minute he sees hands picking him up he like no thanks)
  3. NewLilTortie

    Weight, length, age and sex?

    Hi, I got a Russian tortoise a few days ago. We were told he’s a male and around 3 years old. I weighed him today and he’s weighing 278g and has a straight she’ll length of approx 4cm, I will attach some photos. Does he look healthy? Seem the correct weight for his size and age etc? Thanks...
  4. N

    Tortoise upgrade advice.

    Hello! I have a 5 year old russian tortoise in need of an upgrade. would a 150cm x 60cm enclosure be big enough? we have limited space but i do want the best for him. I also need heating and lighting recommendations, i usually use a 12% tube and a heat emitter. Thank you!
  5. Marisa_marie17

    Russian homes

    Hey I was looking for some ideas to further update my tort enclosure. Was wondering if anyone would be willing to share some ideas or post pics of theirs. Also if you would share the dimensions of your enclosures too, I’m considering trying to make mine bigger but don’t know if it’s really...
  6. Mark_jaa

    Various questions regarding my new Redfoot! Please help!

    Hello, So, I'm a newb in tortoises, just got my Redfoot last Sunday. I've got many questions, since I've learnt a lot in this week of ownership, and each new day brings new worries for me! Would appreciate help from people here, since I've heard this forum is ideal for gathering knowledge. 1) I...
  7. 1AF25655-737D-4FD0-953B-4E76EB9038D3.jpeg


    Estimate age based on size?
  8. E04E7CD0-19F7-45E2-BC4F-23C399D7EB58.jpeg


    Estimate age based on size?
  9. JoeyWatson

    Rough tortoise age?

    Hello, I’ve had my RF for about 18 months now after a family didn’t want him anymore and didn’t know how to care for him. (Hence the pyramiding in the photo) they told me that he/she was about 4 in November 2018. So he would be 5 1/2 now. I’m just curious as to accurate that seems as he...
  10. TaylorTortoise

    How to tell the size of a male russian tortoise?

    How to tell if my tortoise is a baby or not? I measured his shell with a ruler and he is about 3.4-5 inches length wise. Not quite 4 inches yet. ? ? ? ? ?
  11. L

    Bigger baby tortoise can = bigger adult?

    Aside from the size as a baby, are there any differences between a big baby tortoise and a small one? Do bigger babies tend to be healthier or be bigger adults (assuming good and equal husbandry and diet) than what a small baby would become as an adult? Is it just better to buy a big baby than a...
  12. WingerTorts

    Anyone have answers on size difference?

    We have 2 Sulcatas we got at the same time from the same clutch. Why are they so different is size? They have grown up right next to each other. The little one has had a few problems with his eyes closing and we did soaks like we were told and vitamins and such. He seems pretty hardy now but...
  13. EdMurphy

    pictures of 4x8 + enclosures

    Please share some pictures of your indoor enclosures for smaller tortoises that are 4x8 or larger and a little about the location in the house and materials used or point me in the right direction to find them. I see a lot of enclosure ideas but not finding a lot that are 4x8 or larger that is...
  14. M

    My 2 year old Eastern Hermann's size

    (S)he is 42g and has a straight carapace length of approx. 57mm which seems to fit pretty decently on the Jacksons ratio chart, maybe he's a little underweight but its only a guideline anyway. More pressingly however, for his age (2 years, 0 months) isn't he quite small? I feed his shell area...
  15. Gymtimpro

    Hey i drew this up and then made a online model... read descrip...

    I am planing on making it 2x5 feet and the walls are 12 inch high. got all the lumber plans should cost about 140$ with substrate and nails and tarp for lining and wire mesh and staples and 2 clamps and some brackets. It will be for my russian haven't asked parents yet but i got the money. Tell...