species recommendation

  1. A

    Planning to adopt a tort - help selecting a species

    Hello everyone! I'm new here. I have searched the forums and read many discussions, but I still have a few questions. I am a planner (and anxious about ensuring my pets are cared for properly), so thank you in advance for your help :) I am located on the east coast of Canada and I am looking...
  2. M

    Sliders living together

    Hi. I have 2 baby slider turtles, both boys, both about the size of a quarter. One is a Red Ear Slider, I call him Sheldon. The other is a Cumberland Slider, I call him Leonard. They’re in a 20 gallon tank for now, but I know as they grow I’m going to have to upgrade a good bit. They have...
  3. ceciljchen

    Species/breed confusion - new to tortoises and trying to get it right

    Hey all. I look forward to learning from all the experienced members in this forum. I'd recently been looking after my sister's tortoise -Tortilla - while she's been away on vacation. Tortilla was passed on to her by a friend who was moving countries and my sister is new to tortoise care as...
  4. _paper_moon_

    Can our patio support a tortoise?

    My fiance and I are looking to setup a loving home for a tortoise. We have a patio that we currently have no use for and plan to fill pretty much entirely with an outdoor tortoise enclosure. The patio is 16ft x 7ft and is shaded for most of the day. We live in southern California. Here is what...
  5. S

    Tortoise Recommendation for Northern NJ

    Hi - Our 15 year old is begging for a tortoise. Can anyone suggest which species will do well in northern NJ, will stay small in size and is on the friendly side? Ours is a pet friendly home and I want to be sure the newbie will be a good fit with our fish, hermit crabs and dog. Thanks!