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  1. A

    Gender & suspicious spots?

    I am wondering if my Banjo here is a male or female? Banjo will be 3 years old this summer! Also, what are these spots on the plastron?
  2. Joestank

    Weird Dark Mark

    Hi my 2year old Sulcata has developed a weird dark mark on one of his scutes any idea what it could be. It seems to of developed underneath and come up
  3. georgecarlintheredfoot

    Shell Rot

    I am a new tortoise owner. I have a Redfoot Tortoise hatchling and I’ve noticed some unusual spots in between his scutes. I was unable to scrape or clean them off. Is this marbling or rot? I cannot tell.
  4. lukarw

    Leopard Tortoise spots on shell

    Hi there, I have my Leopard since Feb and it grew steadily from 30 to 47 grams and 1cm till now. Recently however I discovered some odd bright spots on this shell. Is this normal? thanks