1. A.Vazquez

    Big guy! Anyone want to take a guess at his age?

    Chuy weighs in at 21lbs, I have been told he is anywhere from 2-20 that's quite a spread. Anyone care to help narrow it down? I have no idea how to measure a tortoise; I gathered length, width and diameter. Weighs 21lbs Width is 20" Length is 19.5-20" Diameter is 32"
  2. M

    Newbie here!

    Hello, I am a newbie to the Tortoise mom life 🐢! After a lot of research and talking to pet shops- I am confident that I have a Sulcata. If you see the picture and know it’s something else please let me know. I have set up my little guys habitat to the best of my ability. I did quite a bit of...
  3. DarkerGraphic

    Sulcatas and Wild Snakes

    Hi all, It’s that time of year again… yep fall… and with dropping temperatures comes the relocation of my three sulcatas into a shed with supplemental heat in the forms of lights and a heater. While checking them this morning I found a Eastern grey rat snake had nestled up with my largest...
  4. 060821


  5. IMG_20210727_172018.jpg


    Mug shots of Steve
  6. IMG_20210727_172058.jpg


    Mug shots of Steve ?
  7. Herbie29.jpeg


    This is a photo taken 10 months apart. The same plate and the same tortoise. Herbie at 11 months is 1050g (+)
  8. D

    new sulcata tortoise owner

    hi everyone! so basically here is what's going on.. about a year or two ago a random person posted a sulcata tortoise on offer up, claiming it was someones pet roaming around and they were looking for a new home to care for it. my dad, knowing im a turtle/tortoise lover, decided to take in the...
  9. H7.jpeg


    Happy New Year from Herbie!!!
  10. A

    Meet Shelldon. I am here for some advice.

    Hello all, my name is Aspyn, I am 18, and I live in Utah. I want to introduce Shelldon, and get some help and advice. Recently, my family has taken over care of Shelldon, a (turning) 4 year old African Sulcata. His prior owners have moved with him from California and have had him here in Utah...
  11. A

    Should I force feed?-sick sulcata help

    Hey! I am new here to tortoise forum. I have been sleuthing around for a year or so now, and have finally made myself an account! I have had quite a few reptiles, yet am not really experienced with tortoises. I have read up all I could before getting my own baby sulcata and planned on getting...