sulcata hatchling

  1. Stretchy Sheldon

    Stretchy Sheldon

    Just stretching while I soak..
  2. M

    Hatchlings Shell develop

    Hi everyone, I’m really concerned about my Sulcata hatchlings health! I’ve incubated some eggs from my adult female sulcata. I have had two successful babies and one is unfortunately not the same. The baby was struggling to get out of the shell, with only its head being out. So with the...
  3. Shannahaunani

    Any breeders on island?

    Aloha, I’m looking to buy a baby sulcata tortoise on o’ahu, hawai’i. Does anyone know of any local breeders I can contact? Or if you’re a local breeder please let me know! I’ve gone to many pet shops here in hawai’i but none have sulcata’s and I would love to purchase locally from the right place :)
  4. Jayme_3

    Keiko the Sulcata hatchling

    Help! I had been researching Leopard tortoises for some time now and decided that was the best fit for our family.. in my search for a leopard I found a post local to me that just had a photo of a little girl holding two hatchling with no information, just a phone number. I called to find out...
  5. K

    Sulcata tortoise hatchling born without claws/deformed. What should I do???

    Deformed sulcata hatchling. This year my female laid a clutch and out of the 6 that survived one came out a little deformed. His shell is a little more curved than normal and he was sadly born without his right hand. He has an arm but no toes/nails. Please If anyone has gone through this before lmk!
  6. J

    Need Help re Sulcata Hatchling

    Hello Everyone, I have only had my Sulcata, Biscuit (pic attached), for a week, and have been figuring out things as I go. I finally got the temperature right (85 to 95 degrees on warm side - on other side - humidity between 40 to 70 - according to what’s I was told and what I have read). If...