three-toed box turtles

  1. RachelT

    Help me ID this Box turtle

    Help me ID this box turtle... thanks!
  2. M

    Box Turtles Wanted

    I have owned, bred, rescued, rehabilitated, and rehomed North American Box Turtles for over 9 years. I am currently looking for any adoptions, surrenders, or rescues available. Please contact me with any questions or leads at my email: [email protected]
  3. B

    Looking to adopt a box turtle

    Have been advised to not take one from wild and am looking to adopt one box turtle in St. Louis, MO. Eastern, Ornate or three-toed box turtles are fine as they can be kept outdoor here based on my research.. I've built a pen in the back of my house...
  4. D

    EXTREMELY Picky Box Turtle. Will not eat any greens.

    I recently inherited a (what I believe to be) ornate box turtle. I've read that their diet should be pretty much 50/50 greens and protein. He goes nuts for some worms, but won't touch any greens. I feel like I've tried absolutely everything. I didn't feed him for a few days and then offered him...
  5. Turtmum

    Feeding a Young Boxie

    Hi everyone, I'm a new turtle mom and although my husband and I have done a lot of research, now that we have a turtle we have a few questions. Just as an introduction, this is Clementine. We were told she is a three toed boxie (even though she has four back claws and I have my doubts) and her...
  6. Littlelady56

    I'm more uneducated that I thought!

    I'm still in my first year of having my three-toed box turtles so am still trying to figure all this out. They are 20 years old and their previous owner didn't give any details about hibernating besides they did and she just left them alone. I originally got on here to ask if there were signs to...